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Why we want Cardiff students to be disruptive…

Rhys encourages students to Disrupt the Block and be in with a chance of winning £200…

Disrupt the Block is your chance to think of innovative ways to improve halls of residence, increase your employability, explore your entrepreneurial potential and win money!



Student communities

Nothing else in life is like moving into university halls. Every September hundreds of people from around the world suddenly become neighbours. Everyone and everything is new – it is like being in your own private world, a world which is fun, exciting and liberating.

But without even realising it, students in halls do something extraordinary; they transform from being a big group of strangers into a community. There are huge benefits to behaving like a community, of having shared identities, places, support, stability, and acceptance. When the days start getting shorter, academic deadlines loom, and homesickness strikes, it is being part of a community that can get you through.

The problem is this: it isn’t quick or easy for a group of strangers to turn into a community, and there are often people who may get left out along the way.

tea kitchen


Disrupt the Block (10-11 November 2016)

Whether it’s the physical environment, the community and facilities, or surrounding opportunities, research shows that your living environment can dramatically affect your health and wellbeing (Byrne Et Al, 2014).

At Cardiff University, we want to help student communities develop smoothly and inclusively.

That’s why Disrupt the Block is your chance to share your ideas to improve halls and transform spaces. Do you think new students could bond over using outdoor exercise equipment, having a pop-up market or even tending a vegetable garden? This is your big chance to pitch your idea directly to Residences.

Over 1.5 days, the Enterprise & Start-Up team will give you the skills and tools to:

  • Identify opportunities
  • Generate new ideas
  • Sell and pitch your ideas

By getting involved, this event will help you:

  • Develop your skills
  • Grow your CV
  • Contribute to the Cardiff Award

The individual or team with the best idea will be awarded £200, and will be able to access ongoing support from the Enterprise & Start-Up team to further develop their ideas.


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