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What does Entrepreneur actually mean?

Being entrepreneurial is all about carving your own path, and making your own future, so it can mean something different to every individual.

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This month we asked our Enterprise Ambassadors what the word Entrepreneur means to them. Here’s what the Enterprise Ambassadors had to say …


Alicia Lee Enterprise  Alicia Lee
Business Management student


 I believe that entrepreneurs harbour a range of innate qualities …



It is my belief that the best and arguably most iconic of entrepreneurs share a collection of characteristics that are crucial to creating a successful venture. From tenacity and determination, to self-discipline and motivation, I believe that entrepreneurs harbour a range of innate qualities that enable such individuals to prosper, and take advantage of, the fiercely competitive commercial landscape in which businesses operate today.

Starting a business is fraught with countless obstacles and continuous potential for failure throughout the life cycle of the innovation; however it is the resilience and perseverance that entrepreneurs display when faced with such challenges that reflects the inherent commitment and passion an entrepreneur has for their venture.

In particular it is the latter of these qualities, with regards to passion, that I feel ultimately facilitates their desire to pursue their business idea and thereby motivates an entrepreneur to succeed. Therefore, although it is commonly assumed that business men and women are driven by monetary reward and the sole intention to maximise profit, most will agree that entrepreneurs are fuelled by a passion for their product or the service they are offering.

Further related to the notion of passion is the commonly associated entrepreneurial quality of risk-taking which is deemed crucial to overcoming uncertainty. It is in the face of adversity and fear that entrepreneurs face the ultimate test, for they must uphold their passion for their business and trust that their innovation can endure the continually fluctuating markets they are targeting. Therefore, for me, an entrepreneur harbours specific qualities as outlined, that motivates their active pursuit of that which they feel can be brought to market and succeed.



  Amy Spencer-Rogers
Biomedical Science student


 To me, entrepreneur can mean several different things …


The word entrepreneur is generally applied to a person who sets up their own business, particularly when that business is quite a risky one. To me, entrepreneur can mean several different things. I think that you do not necessarily have to strike out on your own to be described as an entrepreneur; you could also reform or revamp an already existing business or idea. In fact I think the word can be used to describe the kind of person who not only has great and unique ideas, but particularly somebody who acts on these ideas and who has the vision to see these ideas through to fruition.

Another way that I think the word entrepreneur can be applied, outside of the traditional idea of an entrepreneur being a business owner, is the social entrepreneur. I do not think an entrepreneur is someone with the sole aim of making money; the world has huge problems involving things such as healthcare and education, which require people who can be innovative and think outside the box to solve them. I would class such people as entrepreneurs as they would need to think up unique solutions to these problems and then implement these solutions.

An entrepreneur is a relatively rare type of person who facilitates change by not being afraid to do things a new way or their own way instead of following the pack. In other words, being an entrepreneur means trusting yourself and taking risks in an effort to make your vision a reality, whether that vision is for a new business, an already existing one or a social problem.



  Annie Yang
  Law student 


Being an entrepreneur means a positive mind-set combining passion, focus, commitment and motivation …


The phrase ‘Entrepreneur’ is often used to define someone who has started their own business, or broadly speaking, those who work in a business. While this is technically true and indeed, it is safe to submit that there are plenty good examples that we know, ranging from the world’s top business owners to small local business starters. Yet there’s so much more behind being an entrepreneur than just a career, the journey of entrepreneurship is worth more to examine and study for all of us.

Turning a vision into reality is not an easy process, during which one is likely to encounter many challenges. To me, being an entrepreneur means a positive mind-set combining passion, focus, commitment and motivation. Without these qualities, it is difficult to see how a person can move forward to achieve the goals that he/she desires. They are the core essences instilling the ability to seek opportunities, in realising many options and possibilities in every situation which bring them a step closer to their goals.

Such a mind-set allows the entrepreneur to embrace challenges. By using past experience, common sense and intelligence to make mindful decisions in reaction to the results. Essentially the courage to persevere through all the failures is, perhaps, the important aspect found in many successful entrepreneurs. Ultimately, becoming an entrepreneur is a continuing learning process that requires people’s demonstration of the level of commitment to their dreams, having the creativity to challenge the status quo; the strength to believe in their vision and the courage to take action.



Dimitris Tsompanidis
Civil & Environmental Engineering student


For me entrepreneur means being comfortable in taking an unconventional path …


I am sure you have heard the word entrepreneur a lot of times. And how could you not? There’s loads of talking in the papers about disruptive start-ups and how young people should try opening their own business in an era where unemployment is rising. Despite how much the word has been mentioned, I am quite sure a lot of you don’t know what an entrepreneur is, what it takes to become one and what skills they have. Well let me tell you my opinion about that.

To be an entrepreneur you need no particular skills. Yeah that’s right, you don’t need to be the extremely educated guy with tons of experience in blue-chip companies. For me entrepreneur means being comfortable in taking an unconventional path. It means to treat problems like opportunities, trying to always find a better way, to creatively define your own destiny, to have a purpose, a purpose bigger than working in a fancy office from 9 till 5. An entrepreneur is not afraid of failure, because failure is a great lesson to make you try again to find a better way. Being an entrepreneur means to be energetic, tenacious, passionate, driven, innovative and say ‘yes’ to challenges where others will step up back thinking that this was way too much out of their comfort zone. I think you will agree that these attributes are taught neither in a lecture theatre nor by working in a company handling more or less the same tasks. You will only get this attitude by daring to solve a problem with your own creativity, by seeing opportunities and most importantly by believing on your goals, your gut, your passion and your character.

If you are not afraid of being wrong, if you are inspired by your vision, if you believe that problems only create opportunities, if you are open-minded and maybe a bit crazy, then you’ve probably got what it takes. The only thing you have to do is keep trying tirelessly. Could this be you? Come and get involved in Cardiff University Enterprise – you won’t regret it!!



 Sophie Gregory
English Language and Communication student


 What entrepreneurs do can differ immensely …


An entrepreneur could be an independent retailer, a market trader, a health blogger, a property developer, a film maker, a large business owner or an app creator. Whilst the invention, product or service they create is undeniably fundamental to the success or failure of their venture; it is the person and their qualities that matters the most.

For me, ‘entrepreneur’ is a personality type. I believe that there are personal qualities that all entrepreneurs possess; such as an open spirit, initiative and creativity. They have good negotiating skills, growth mind set and positive attitude. They are bright and bold. They are an innovator. They are a risk taker. They are not afraid to take on a challenge. Some entrepreneurs are also excellent communicators, decision makers and team players. Often can be flexible and adaptable to changing environments. They understand their own strengths and weaknesses. Many are resourceful, efficient and have good business acumen. I think entrepreneurs are people who have a limitless ‘can do’ attitude despite criticism or setbacks. They believe in themselves and have confidence in their enterprising venture.

It is commonly believed that people are not born as an entrepreneur. I certainly think that having an entrepreneurial personality is not innate. In this view, anyone can become an entrepreneur…it does not matter about education or background. The necessary skills and personality can be learned and developed over time and because of this, I believe that anyone can be a successful entrepreneur.


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