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Tsvetina, Counselling, Health and Wellbeing placement student, introduces us to some of the Wellbeing Champion and informs us of upcoming hotspots…

This week’s Meet the Champions post features another two amazing volunteers that have committed their time to be of benefit to others. Read on to learn their stories and about what made them want to become Wellbeing Champions.


Come say hello

In the following weeks you can find some of the champions at the Earth and Ocean Sciences Hotspot on 24th November and the Psychology Hotspot on 28th November. Looking after your wellbeing is important, so why not pop in to have a quick chat about it at some of these venues?


Meet Aphra…


My name is Aphra and I’m a second-year zoology student. I decided to become a Wellbeing Champion because I am passionate about making a positive difference to other people’s lives and I wanted to do something to make sure that every student at Cardiff knows about the range of support services available to them.

So far as a Wellbeing Champion I have learnt so many new skills and done things I would never have ordinarily imagined myself doing. I really feel like the Wellbeing Champions are in a unique position to reach other students and this is something I am proud to be a part of.

You can find me at many of the events in and around the university buildings, where you can ask myself and the other Champions about anything regarding health and wellbeing. I look forward to meeting you!



Meet Katherine…

Hi guys I’m Kat! I’m a final year psychology student from Gloucestershire and I really wanted to become a champion because I have seen first-hand the need for extra support, and I want to be a part of the change in how student wellbeing is being dealt with.

I love Netflix, yoga and cooking and I’ve been a member of fad for the last 2 years.

One of the reasons I thought I’d be good at this role is the fact that I love meeting new people.

I travelled around Asia and South America before I came to university, so I had to learn to be independent and meet new people. I think I gained loads of useful life experiences doing that time which I may be able to share with you.

If you ever want to come and speak to me then I’d love to see you!



See what the Wellbeing Champions are all about in their video


Find out more

You can find out more about the Wellbeing Champions, their upcoming events and how you can get involved here.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s introduction to members of the Wellbeing Champions Team. Catch up with who we met in the last blog, and look out for the next!


Best wishes,

Tsvetina, Placement Student.


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