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Try a different language this Global Week

Bonjour, Gutentag, Ciao, Hello and Helo! George, Journalism Student and Marketing Intern, talks about the opportunities to learn a language during your time at Cardiff Uni…


How many times have you said that you want to learn a language? How many times have you been envious of the foreign tongue of your chosen destination, wishing that you could speak even a little bit of the native language? Learning a language seems to be one of those things that people always intend and even resolve to accomplish, but never actually do.

I can hold my hands up and say that other than a commendable B in GCSE German, I’ve not made an effort since to learn a language. Whether it be a French, German, Arabic or Welsh language venture, so many of us put the reason for not learning a language down to the fact that we don’t have the time or resources.

However, with the resources and courses offered for  free by Languages for All, there is no real excuse not to get involved with the opportunities available to broaden your language skills!


Five reasons to learn a language

  1. Improve your employability
  2. Meet new people
  3. Transform your travel experience
  4. Expand your opportunities
  5. Enhance your brain power


Release your inner linguist this global week

As part of Global Week, on Wednesday 29 November, Languages for All are offering taster and information sessions on how to get involved with their classes next term.

So if learning a language is one of your aspirations, why not try a short taster to see if you want to tuck into the main course next semester?


What is Languages for All?

Languages for All gives you the chance to improve your language skills alongside your studies. The course can act as a module for part of your degree or just provide a flexible choice of study options, meaning you can learn in a way that suits you, be that weekly, intensively or independently.


What if I’m at a different ability to everyone else?

The scheme has tailor-made modules which cater for different levels of ability. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have a good grasp already, it’s a fantastic opportunity to develop your linguistic abilities for free.

Find out more about Languages for All courses here

Hear first-hand from students about their experience


Why not learn Welsh?

If you want to learn a language but aren’t sure which would be best for you, then why not try Welsh? As you’re studying in Wales for at least a year, it’s a good way to get even more accommodated with Wales’ culture and heritage.

Find out more about studying Welsh with Welsh for all

Here are five welsh phrases with the English, the Welsh spelling and pronunciation to help you on your way!

English Welsh How do I pronounce it?
Hello! Shwmae Shoo-my
Good morning! Bore da Boar – re dah
Please Os gwelwch yn dda os gwel-ookh uhn thah
How are you? Sut wyt ti? Sit oy tee
Good bye! Hwyl! hooill


Global Week

Celebrate being a part of our international university community by getting involved with Global Week! Join us for an engaging, inspiring, informative and entertaining series of daily events to honour our international diversity and global opportunities.

Find out more and book your place at events


Take a sneak peek at Global Week


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Best wishes,

George, Student Intern.

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