Top tips for students staying in Cardiff over the summer

Are you a student staying in Cardiff over the summer? Worried about how you’ll spend your time? Fear not, we’ve compiled a helpful guide to allow you to make the most out of your summer in this beautiful Welsh capital.


  1. Don’t dread the summer – if you’re worried about spending the summer in Cardiff, try focusing on the positives instead of dwelling on your worries. Write a list of all the great things you can accomplish, all the fun activities you want to try, and all the ways you can make the summer a positive experience for yourself.  Read over this list whenever you’re feeling down, or turn it in to a checklist so you can track your progress!
  2. Stay connected with friends and family –  call, text or Skype regularly, as being sociable can drastically reduce feelings of isolation. If possible, arrange some visits – stay with relatives for a few days, visit uni friends at home or have some friends come to Cardiff and show them the sights. As well as just keeping you connected to the world, planning trips like these gives you something to look forward to and this can really boost your mood. If you’re struggling with loneliness, do not hesitate to come visit the Student Support centre, open from 9 till 4:30, Monday to Friday.
  3. Do some careers research – either online or face to face; research roles and companies you’re interested in. Some grad schemes open in July – this is your chance to get an early application in. Take the time over summer to find answers to questions that will help you learn more about your chosen sector. Try approaching Cardiff University alumni via LinkedIn or come in to 51a Park Place and see your subject specific careers adviser. Get yourself application ready!
  4. Get some work experience – whether you are engaged in paid or voluntary work during the holidays, it is a great use of your time to gain some transferable skills, some relevant experience or just to begin to show a sector preference. It’s also a great addition to your CV ready for graduate job hunting. But, right now, you need to get your CV ready to approach employers about arranging this experience.
  5. Volunteer – just as with other work experience opportunities, volunteering can give you great transferable skills, open up your networks and make you feel as though you are contributing to your local community. All traits recognised and valued by employers and look great on your CV. Volunteering is the perfect opportunity to try something new, personally I love walking the dogs at Cardiff Dogs Home.
  6. Stay occupied – boredom is a big contributor to low mood and loneliness, so keep busy! Check out our guide to events in Cardiff over the summer, or our ideas about fun new things you can try. If none of them catch your eye, you could start a new exercise plan, find a fun hobby to throw yourself in to, or even (shock horror) start studying for your next year of uni! That probably doesn’t sound like a great way to spend the summer, but think of it like this: you’re under less pressure during the summer so you’ll enjoy your reading more, and if you get it out of the way now you’ll have more free time when the new semester starts so you can do more things you enjoy. Studying has its perks!

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