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Thinking of postgraduate study?

Student intern and Postgraduate Ambassador, Victoria, shares all you need to know about the Master’s Excellence Scholarships available.

Graduation looming, but unsure of your next steps? Don’t be left looking befuddled rather than triumphant on graduation day, clutching your cap for dear life and thinking ‘What next?!’ It’s good to have a rough plan of what you want to do after your graduate, whether that’s having a break and moving home, soldiering straight into the job market or pursuing further study. 


Thinking about postgraduate study?

A postgraduate qualification can really help you stand out in the graduate job market, as well as prolonging the university experience! However, a word of caution here – you need to love the study as much (or more than) the lifestyle at postgraduate level. You can definitely find a work/life balance, but in my experience there’s more work and that work is more challenging – but equally, more rewarding. Postgraduate study gives you the chance to really release your academic potential – but it takes a lot of commitment.

If you’re thinking of further study, the financial factors need to be taken into account. It’s not a decision that should be taken lightly, given the hefty price tag on lots of postgraduate qualifications. This is where a Cardiff University Master’s Excellence Scholarship could make a difference to your decision, and with the final deadline for applications set as 5 July 2017 – here’s all you need to know.


Cardiff University Master’s Excellence Scholarships

A Cardiff University Master’s Excellence Scholarship could cut your fees considerably. Students who get a scholarship are awarded a £3,000 tuition fee discount in return for agreeing to act as a Postgraduate Ambassador.

For full details of the scholarship and eligibility, visit the Cardiff University Master’s Excellence Scholarship webpage. From here, you can also navigate to information about postgraduate loans, and download application form guidance notes.

With postgraduate loans also available for many, pursuing a postgraduate qualification may be more plausible than you think! If it’s something you’re considering, there’s certainly no harm in applying. Gaining the scholarship made the decision for me, as I certainly wouldn’t have been able to afford it otherwise.


Tips for the application

The application process is made simple with the help of the application guidance form notes. The application isn’t hugely lengthy, but if you want to really stand out from the crowd, I would recommend spending a lot of time on it and getting it done relatively early so that you have enough time to proofread it (and proofread it again). You also need to have applied to study the Masters itself, though you don’t need to have received an offer before you can apply for the scholarship.

Remember that you are selling yourself! Really show off all of your achievements (academic or otherwise), convincingly argue why pursuing the qualification at Cardiff University would help you achieve your academic potential, and how you could make a real contribution to your community, society, the economy or academia as a result.


An insight into postgraduate life

I made the (very last minute) decision to pursue a postgraduate qualification in September, after learning that I had been successful in gaining a scholarship. With no postgraduate loans for Welsh students then, I funded the remaining fees with the help of my family. I’d planned to stay in Cardiff and work that year, so it wasn’t too difficult to readjust my plans.

I’ve worked part-time during my studies to finance my living expenses, but I’ve also had savings to fall back on during essay deadline times. I’m lucky that working for the university has been so flexible, so I’d warn that if you’re planning to work alongside your studies – strict organisation is needed to make sure you can keep up with work when the deadlines come flooding in.

Doing a masters has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. I absolutely adore History, and pursuing it at postgraduate level has allowed me to gain the skills to research at a wholly new level than I’ve done previously. The study has hitherto been intense, but equally rewarding. If you have a passion for the work you’re doing, or the work you want to pursue – or equally a dedication to the career you want to end up in, I couldn’t recommend postgraduate study enough.


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