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Thinking about or planning to stay in Cardiff after graduation?

Jess, our Employer Liaison Marketing Intern, gives you the low down on why Cardiff is a great place to live and work as a graduate, with quotes from young professionals who are living the dream themselves…


Cardiff is a fantastic city – but you already know that, as you chose to come to university here! But what you may not know, is that Cardiff is actually one of the best cities in the UK for newly graduated professionals. After multiple listings in Europe’s top 10 cities to live and work in for 18-30 year old’s, and being branded as one of the happiest places in the UK, Cardiff is a great place to be as a young person – especially for the bank account. With average rent in Cathay’s being around the £290 a month mark, experts reckon when factoring in transport, food and other costs, the cost of living in Cardiff is on average 80% less than that of London.

With those stats who wouldn’t want to stay in Cardiff?

But we can’t just trust the statistics – therefore, in preparation for our Grads Love Cardiff Careers Fair coming up on Thursday 30th March from 11.30-15.30 in the Great Hall (CUSU), we have taken the time to speak to some young professionals who have opted to stay living in or have been drawn to Cardiff. Here are some of their top reasons why Cardiff is the place to be:


Laura Popplewell, HR Graduate at MotoNovo Finance – “I really fell in love with the city during my time in University, there’s so much to do and see here! It’s also ideal for graduates I think – there’s a large population of young people because of the Universities, there are so many job opportunities as the city expands and grows and more and more large companies base themselves here, and it’s still relatively cheap to live and work here.” 


Hannah Tuck, Graduate at Staffroom Education – “The city has great diversity, friendly people and is small enough that you can get from one side, to the other in about twenty minutes – hurrah! There’s so much on here and the cost of living is relatively lower than most other places I have visited, so when you’re young and fresh out of studying like I was, it makes it easier for you to stay self-sufficient whilst searching for a job.” 


Chris Harry, Graduate at Circle IT – “I think South Wales has a perfect balance of quiet countryside mixed with the busy city life where everything you need is accessible. I love the City of Cardiff and it is up and coming meaning opportunities for graduates are there to be taken!”


Sophie Frost, Graduate Intern at DS Smith – “I live very close to the centre which allows me to do many things with my free time which you wouldn’t necessarily get to experience unless you lived in a city. I feel as if it is not an intimidating city at all and it feels very slow pace in comparison.”


Hannah Jones, Graduate at WattsGregory – “Training as a professional with a firm based in the capital city raises your profile. The Capital City is perceived to be a favourable place to work and progress as a young professional. For me, Cardiff helps to support the work/life balance. The city allows me to maximise my time, as everything is reasonably nearby, with efficient transport available.”


For a full list of the exhibitors attending check out the event page on the intranet.


Don’t miss the #GradsLoveCardiff Careers Fair

So there you have it – if you needed any telling that Cardiff is a dreamy place to live and work, I’m sure these guys would have been able to convince you. But what now? You want to remain living in Cardiff, but how are you going to get your foot in the door for a job? Luckily for you, the #GradsLoveCardiff Careers Fair is just around the corner! On the 30th of March, 11.30-15.30 in the Great Hall, Cardiff SU, you can find over 20 employers who are based in South Wales, and whoa are looking to offer graduate jobs and work experience to Cardiff students.

Open to current students and recent graduates – all are very welcome!


You are a potential prize winner – take part!

To make sure you are in the best possible position for the applications process, Careers and Employability are running a #GradsLoveCardiff competition with a plethora of prizes that could help boost your employability! Prizes include half a day’s work experience with MotoNovo Finance in a department of your choice, a professional CV consultation, a £50 St David’s Dewi Sant Shopping Centre for a brand new interview outfit, and many more!


All you have to do to enter is post on Instagram or Twitter a reason why you love Cardiff using the hashtag #GradsLoveCardiff, and then get your student card scanned on the day of the Fair. Entries close on the 30th of March at 15.30. Good luck!


For all the latest news and updates from the #GradsLoveCardiff Careers Fair follow ‘Careers and Employability’ on twitter  and facebook.


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Best wishes,
Jess, Employer Liaison Marketing Intern


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  • Sam Tomczack

    I found this very useful as I want to stay in Cardiff and have not been able to find jobs that I might like to do. I would suggest that careers events should have companies that are relevant to courses. For example, as a language student I rarely see any companies that advertise language-based jobs despite the fact that there are hundreds of businesses in Cardiff that require this skill. Also, the competition should be available through Facebook as well (I don’t have Instagram or Twitter).

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