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The essential guide to getting around Cardiff

Our student intern, Kate, explains how to get around Cardiff easily…

Moving to a new city can be quite daunting. However, this guide should help you learn your way around Cardiff and the public transport available to you. Not only this, but it will highlight key services the university provide, like the Safe Taxi Scheme.

Firstly, check out the Cardiff University clickable map.


One of the fastest and most convenient methods of transport for a lot of students in Cardiff is cycling. There are many cycling lanes across the whole city and places to lock up your bike in both student accommodation and near university buildings. This cuts out the need for a car or taking public transport and is also a great way to stay fit! Check out these top tips to staying safe whilst cycling.



The bus system is great in Cardiff! Download the Cardiff Bus app which will allow you to pre-buy your day tickets and get on and off the buses as much as you want! There are bus routes from university halls down towards the university buildings, into the town centre and up to the Heath hospital. Not only this, but there are really cheap buses down to Cardiff Bay and Barry Island if you ever want to get out of the city centre for a while. An adult single costs just £1.80 in Cardiff city centre or you can get an all day “Day to Go” ticket for £3.60.



Arriva Trains Wales operates across Cardiff. Just like the buses there are great routes across Cardiff to take you from Cathays station in the heart of the student area and university buildings into the town center and further out towards Barry Island.



All these transport links are great, but you will find one of the easiest ways around Cardiff and to getting to you lectures is walking! Also parking can be expensive and difficult at times, so by leaving your car at home you will be saving money. The city is really easy to navigate and after a couple of weeks you will know it like the back of your hand! In the morning there will be loads of course friends walking into lectures so grab a group of you and have a nice breath of fresh air in the morning before your lectures. If you are staying around Tal y Bont then a walk through Bute park is a great way of walking into town and you may even see some ducklings on your way in! Always carry an umbrella as it’s a rainy city!


Safe Taxi Scheme

The university offer a brilliant Safe Taxi Scheme. The scheme means that even if you don’t have enough money on you for a taxi, you can still get home safely. It can ensure you are taking a safe route home no matter the time of day or night.

How to use the Safe Taxi Scheme

No matter where you are in Cardiff, Dragon Taxis will pick you up and make sure you get home safely.

  1. Phone Dragon Taxis on 029 2033 3333 quoting ‘Cardiff University Safe Taxi Scheme’, giving your name and student number
  2. When the taxi arrives, give your student card to the driver to check your booking details
  3. When you get home, you’ll be given a receipt card detailing the fare incurred
  4. Within the next few days, visit the Finance Office at the Students’ Union and pay the price of your taxi fare
  5. Access to University services will be blocked if the taxi fare is not paid.


Disability Allowance

If you currently receive a DSA allowance, then it is advised to contact the Disability and Dyslexia team as they will be able to help arrange transport and funding for transport if needed.


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Best wishes,

Kate, Student Intern.


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