Self Injury

Seeking help for self-harm or supporting someone who self-harms

Posted on 16 May 2017 by Your Student Life, Supported

Amy from our Counselling, Health and Wellbeing Team discusses self-harm and the help resources available. As a Counselling, Health and Wellbeing Service we have frequent contact with students who are self-harming. We acknowledge that this is a coping strategy for many students and something that can be difficult to change. This blog will summarise some
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Self-Injury Awareness Day

Posted on 6 March 2017 by Your Student Life, Supported

Amy, Wellbeing Practitioner from Counselling, Health and Wellbeing, talks about self-harm and how students can get support… Did you know that March is Self-harm Awareness Month and Self-Injury Awareness Day is on 1st March? Unfortunately there is still a stigma attached to talking openly about self-harm. Some common myths around self-harm include that it is something that
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Helping you understand Self Injury

Posted on 10 March 2015 by Your Student Life, Supported

Kyla Shields, Counsellor in Counselling, Health & Wellbeing tells us more about understanding self injury …   The fact that you have read this far gladdens my heart! You haven’t been immediately scared off by those frightening, emotive, stigma ridden words … SELF INJURY. So, I commend you for your bravery and thank you for
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