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Speaking out about Depression, Anxiety and Loneliness

Posted on 11 October 2018 by Your Student Life, Supported

Modern Languages Student, Emily, talks about her experience with depression, anxiety and loneliness and encourages others to speak out about how they are feeling. Starting university in a new city and a new country entirely was challenging and it was at this time that my mental health began to be affected. Although things improved, they
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My experience of Anxiety and Depression

Posted on 27 June 2018 by Your Student Life Supported

Wellbeing Champion and Biomedical Science Student, Abbie, shares her experience of anxiety and depression, and encourages others to talk about how they’re feeling. When anxiety and depression began to have a huge effect on my life, I found it difficult to talk about how I was feeling. I struggled to even put what I was
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Speaking out about mental health problems

Posted on 14 June 2018 by Your Student Life, Supported

Music student and Wellbeing Champion, Sophie, talks about the potential side-effects of hormonal contraceptives on mental health and shares her own story… My experience with mental health problems began in school and correlated with when I began taking oral contraceptives. I suffered with low mood, mood swings and anxiety until I finally opened up to
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Speaking out about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Posted on 2 May 2018 by Your Student Life, Supported

Psychology student and Wellbeing Champion, Nichola, discusses her experience of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and how one honest conversation can make a world of difference. After suffering silently with PTSD at University, one honest conversation spurred a positive path towards acceptance and coping strategies. From once struggling to even express my feelings to friends,
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Speaking out about Social Anxiety

Posted on 20 March 2018 by Your Student Life, Supported

Final year geography student, Callie, discusses her experience of social anxiety and the impact that being more open about mental health can have. In 2016, I finally admitted I had Social Anxiety and found help at University. This year I helped to launch a University Campaign and found out I have an interview for my
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Make time for conversation

Posted on 20 March 2018 by Your Student Life Supported

The 19 – 25 March is National Conversation Week and, in an era where much conversation has been replaced with staring at phones, it has never been more needed! Social Media Cleanse? Social Media can be great – catching up with friends or just seeing what’s going on in the world – but it’s so
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