Conquering Culture Shock

Posted on 15 November 2018 by Maddie Duffield

Kristina Bowers, International Student Advisor, explains culture shock and how you can overcome it. As the nights get longer and the days become grey and damp, you may find yourself wishing for the warm sun and familiar faces, missing the comforts of home a little more than you expected… It’s likely that it’s not just
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Speaking out about Depression, Anxiety and Loneliness

Posted on 11 October 2018 by Your Student Life, Supported

Modern Languages Student, Emily, talks about her experience with depression, anxiety and loneliness and encourages others to speak out about how they are feeling. Starting university in a new city and a new country entirely was challenging and it was at this time that my mental health began to be affected. Although things improved, they
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Why you should Chat to a Champion

Posted on 29 January 2018 by Your Student Life, Supported

Hannah, one of our Student Wellbeing Champions, talks about Online Peer Support and the new Chat to a Champion service. The Chat to a Champion online drop-in launched last term! It’s a great way for us Wellbeing Champions to offer peer support to students over the internet. What I think is so great about it
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Adjusting to life in the UK and culture shock

Posted on 21 November 2017 by Your Student Life, Supported

George, Student Intern shares his insights into culture shock and tips from our International Student Support advisers… Having lived in either England or Wales for the entirety of my life, I’ve never really experienced ‘culture shock.’ Sure, I’ve been abroad and experienced different cultures and ways of life, but I have never lived in a
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University not going so well?

Posted on 8 November 2017 by Your Student Life, Supported

Our Advice and Money Team give you some tips on what to do if you are struggling with university and considering withdrawing… Starting university is exciting but it also comes with some anxiety. It’s quite common to feel overwhelmed in the first few weeks and wonder if you are in the right place, or if
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Walking to Wellbeing

Posted on 9 October 2017 by Your Student Life, Supported

Cardiff University Placement Students, Daisy and Nichola, have teamed up to tell us all about Walking to Wellbeing and why YOU should get involved… Hi, we are Daisy and Nichola, and we are running a programme called Walking to Wellbeing with the Counselling Health and Wellbeing service.   Sometimes we can struggle to get out
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Feeling homesick? Here are some tips to help

Posted on 6 October 2017 by Your Student Life, Supported

Amy, from our Counselling, Health & Team, talks about dealing with homesickness. The transition for students when starting university can be smooth for some and really tough for others. It’s not surprising that some students find the change difficult. Some will also have the added challenge of missing home or struggling with adapting to a new
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Top tips to thrive at uni!

Posted on 22 September 2017 by Your Student Life, Supported

Tamzin, Wellbeing Champion for the Counselling, Health and Wellbeing Service, talks about getting the most out of your experience when starting uni for the first time… Well it’s here! You’ve aced your A-levels and now the day is upon you – you’re starting uni! Starting university can be very daunting – you may be moving to
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Gwasanaeth Cwnsela a Lles yn yr iaith Gymraeg / Counselling and Wellbeing service through the Welsh language

Posted on 21 June 2017 by Your Student Life Supported

Mae Gwenan, Ymarferydd Cwnsela a Lles dwyieithog, yn rhannu gwybodaeth am y gwasanaethau Cwnsela a Lles sydd ar gael yn yr iaith Gymraeg. Mae dros hanner poblogaeth y byd yn siarad mwy nag un iaith*. Felly mae’n hollol naturiol i lawer o bobl allu cyfathrebu mewn mwy na un iaith. Rydym yn byw ym mhrifddinas
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Supporting you this summer

Posted on 15 June 2017 by Your Student Life, Supported

Student intern, Victoria, shares information about the support available to students during the summer. Assessments and exams are finally over! Sighs of relief swept Cathays on the 9th June, alongside torrents of rain and the chaos of General Election results. Now, undergraduate students across campus are getting ready to pack up their things and head
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Ready, steady, get set for the Cardiff University Student Fun Run 2017!

Posted on 15 June 2017 by Your Student Life, Supported

After hundreds of students took part in our Student Life Fun Run last year, it’s back again this year with new t-shirts, new participants and new prizes! Student intern, Sophie, tells us more… Cardiff University students, staff and alumni are invited to walk, jog, skip or run around the 2.4 km route through Cardiff’s Civic
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Online support all year round

Posted on 31 May 2017 by Your Student Life, Supported

Tsvetina from the Counselling, Health and Wellbeing Team reassures and encourages students to utilise the online support available all year round. People say accessing support is the first big step that you take when you want to cope with a problem and there is no wonder why some of us may find that first step
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Celebrating our Student Mentors, Consultants and Ambassadors

Posted on 24 May 2017 by Your Student Life, Supported

Academic Study Skills Manager, Ann, tells us all about the annual celebration of our Student Mentors, Consultants and Ambassadors… Firstly, let us say CONGRATULATIONS to this year’s cohort of Student Mentors, Mentor Consultants and Ambassadors! The annual celebration evening was our opportunity to celebrate you and all of your hard work, so let us also
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4 great apps to build your confidence…

Posted on 2 May 2017 by Your Student Life, Supported

Try out one of these apps, recommended by the Counselling, Health and Wellbeing team to help you build your confidence.   Have you ever wondered what could’ve happened if your shyness or fear of rejection had not gotten in the way? Do you sometimes wish you could believe in yourself no matter what people say
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Help us to create a suicide-safer University

Posted on 20 April 2017 by Your Student Life, Supported

Jo, Wellbeing Practitioner & Counsellor from our Counselling, Health and Wellbeing team, talks about creating a Suicide-Safer University.  Find out how you can become a Suicide-Alert Helper and learn the skills to identify and support any person who may be having thoughts of suicide… Suicide is one of the most serious issues all universities face,
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7 Tips to hop over homesickness

Posted on 12 April 2017 by Your Student Life, Supported

Victoria, student intern, shares some tips on avoiding and combatting feelings of homesickness this Easter break… Though it may not seem like it from the suddenly deserted streets of Cathays, a lot of students stay in Cardiff during the Easter break. Whether it’s because they have a job here, can’t afford to go home, need
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Tips on coping with homesickness whilst at University

Posted on 29 March 2017 by Your student life, Supported

We recognise the additional challenges that  International and EU students’ face when moving to the UK and in particular the challenges of coping with homesickness … For many students, coming to university is the first time you have lived far away from home, which is why feelings of homesickness can often creep in. On some occasions you will be
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Chat to a Champion: Online Peer Support

Posted on 29 January 2017 by Your Student Life, Supported

Jo and Rachel, Wellbeing Practitioners, talk about the new online peer support available from Student Wellbeing Champions… ‘Chat to a Champion’ is an opportunity for you to chat online with a fellow student, who has received training in the areas of health and wellbeing, for support and advice about anything you might be struggling with
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Staying in Cardiff for the holidays and feeling homesick?

Posted on 9 December 2016 by Your Student Life, Supported

Tsvetina, Counselling, Health and Wellbeing placement student, shares tips on coping with homesickness… Staying at Cardiff over the holidays is an option that a lot of students go for due to a number of reasons. If you are one of those folks that happen to be here for the winter recess please rest assured that it is normal
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The 12 blogs of Christmas… Information, Advice and Important Contacts for Cardiff Uni Students

Posted on 1 December 2016 by Your Student Life, Supported

As the festive season fast approaches we bring you ‘The 12 blogs of Christmas’… Whatever your plans over the University’s Christmas Recess we have created a series of blogs to help give you some fun ideas on what to do and offer practical advice on your wellbeing during the holidays.
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Workshops and courses to support you through your student life

Posted on 6 October 2016 by Your Student Life, Supported

Natalie, Student Wellbeing Champion, talks about the different events run by Counselling, Health and Wellbeing for students… Are you experiencing stress, distress or feeling like it is difficult to cope?
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Are you experiencing homesickness? Here are some tips…

Posted on 1 October 2016 by Your Student Life, Supported

 Wellbeing Champion Natalie shares her tips on overcoming homesickness… Welcome to Cardiff! Moving away from home and coming to university… we’ve all heard stories about how great living on your own for the first time is. You can go out on weekdays, binge watch TV series’ or have two pints of Ben & Jerry’s for dinner.
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Christmas Survival Guide Part 2 – Top tips for combatting homesickness

Posted on 8 December 2015 by Your Student Life, Supported

Having to spend the Christmas holidays at university can be hard, especially if you are usually at home with family. Our 6 part Christmas Survival Guide should help you to banish those winter blues and make the most of festive period, ensuring it’s a time filled with fun, love and support… Being at University over the
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20 tips for dealing with Homesickness

Posted on 22 September 2015 by Your Student Life, Supported

Annabel, Student Intern for Counselling, Health & Wellbeing shares the teams tips for when you are feeling homesick, and how to know when it’s becoming an issue in your life …     There are different things which may lead you to feel homesick, some of which include the distance from home, a sense of anti-climax after joining or
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7 ways to avoid loneliness, homesickness and isolation this summer

Posted on 1 June 2015 by Your Student Life, Supported

Sarah, Student Intern for Counselling, Health & Wellbeing, shares her ideas on staying happy and  avoiding loneliness, homesickness and isolation this summer … While staying in Cardiff over the summer can be an exciting and liberating experience, it may also get a little lonely at times. If you find yourself feeling homesick or isolated, give some of
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10 things you can do this Easter

Posted on 30 March 2015 by Your Student Life, Supported

Don’t be a lost little bunny – here are some great tips for things to do by Virgina, Jomec student and Student Marketing Intern …   Being away from home during Holiday season is always hard, especially when you step outside and you realise Cathays is completely deserted! However, just because student life stops for
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6 tips for dealing with homesickeness over Easter

Posted on 30 March 2015 by Your Student Life, Supported

Virginia, Journalism student & Marketing Intern shares her experience of being away from home and how she deals with it …   Homesickness can appear at any given time during the year, however it usually worsens over the holiday period. For me this is because I know that my family and loved ones are gathering
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Christmas at Uni Survival Guide Part 2 – Combatting Homesickness

Posted on 9 December 2014 by Your Student Life, Supported

Being at university during the Christmas holiday can be hard so Counselling, Health and Wellbeing have created a series of blog posts to help you get rid of your winter blues and make the festive season a time of fun, relaxation and good memories …     Part 2. Combatting Homesickness Being at uni over the
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Is it okay to talk about withdrawal from University?

Posted on 13 October 2014 by Your Student Life, Supported

The Advice & Money Team share their thoughts on withdrawing from University … Starting at University is exciting but it also comes with some anxiety attached. It is quite common to feel overwhelmed in the first couple of weeks and wonder if you are in the right place, or if you are here at the
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