How to Support a Friend Experiencing Relationship Abuse

Posted on 23 October 2018 by Your Student Life, Supported

Watching a friend experience relationship abuse can be scary and frustrating. You may feel like you have no control of the situation and are unsure how to help… You may want to consider the following advice on how to offer support: It is important that the person feels that they are believed. Make sure that
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Take the ACTion course

Posted on 2 November 2017 by Your Student Life Supported

Eleanor Brown, Student Counsellor, talks about the Take ACTion course offered by the Counselling, Health and Wellbeing Service… Do you ever find yourself have a debate with your inner voice, perhaps justifying why you have put off that task or activity you planned on doing today or arguing about why you should be doing it when all you
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3 Tips for Looking after your Mental Health

Posted on 12 October 2017 by Your Student Life, Supported

Tamzin, Wellbeing Champion for the Counselling, Health & Wellbeing Service, talks about why mental health matters… Why do we prioritise physical ailments over mental illness? Just because you can’t see an illness doesn’t mean it’s not there. Mental health and self-care is so important within today’s modern stressful society. When it all gets too much and
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Wellness beyond University

Posted on 20 June 2017 by Your Student Life, Supported

Rachel, Wellbeing Practitioner from the Counselling, Health & Wellbeing Service, talks about support outside of University and how to look after your wellbeing when you have finished. The dreaded dissertation is done, exams are but a distant memory and suddenly you’re thrown out into the ‘real world.’ Whether you’re remaining in Cardiff, moving back home or
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Boost your self-love and wellbeing with these body image apps

Posted on 30 May 2017 by Your Student Life, Supported

Tsvetina, placement student with the Counselling, Health and Wellbeing Team, shares some of the best body image apps to boost your self-love and wellbeing. With summer approaching a lot of us will become more conscious of our bodies than usual. The hype surrounding getting a ‘summer body’ is only one of the triggers that can
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5 Hops on the Wellbeing Hunt

Posted on 19 April 2017 by Your Student Life, Supported

Our student intern Victoria, shares 5 hops on the Wellbeing hunt for you to follow this Easter. Though Easter egg hunts may (unfortunately) be a thing of the past, you’re never too young or too old to start caring about your wellbeing. So this Easter break, join us on a Wellbeing Hunt! Easter is the
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Tips on coping with homesickness whilst at University

Posted on 29 March 2017 by Your student life, Supported

We recognise the additional challenges that  International and EU students’ face when moving to the UK and in particular the challenges of coping with homesickness … For many students, coming to university is the first time you have lived far away from home, which is why feelings of homesickness can often creep in. On some occasions you will be
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Self-Injury Awareness Day

Posted on 6 March 2017 by Your Student Life, Supported

Amy, Wellbeing Practitioner from Counselling, Health and Wellbeing, talks about self-harm and how students can get support… Did you know that March is Self-harm Awareness Month and Self-Injury Awareness Day is on 1st March? Unfortunately there is still a stigma attached to talking openly about self-harm. Some common myths around self-harm include that it is something that
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Have you registered with a Doctor yet?

Posted on 11 November 2016 by Your Student Life, Supported

Our Student Intern, Victoria, tells us more about the health service available for staff and students at Cardiff University…   Did you know that there is a health surgery right next to the Students’ Union? Park Place Surgery is a branch of Roath House Surgery (100 Penylan Road, Roath Park, Cardiff) but resides on our
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The Cardiff University Student Life Fun Run 2016

Posted on 12 October 2016 by Your Student Life, Supported

Kate, Student Intern, shares the best bits of Cardiff University’s first ever Student Life Fun Run… On the 1st October 2016 the streets of Cardiff were invaded by hundreds of students taking part in the Student Life Fun Run, a new event exclusively for Cardiff University students. The 2.4km route looped twice around Cardiff’s Civic
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Meningitis – What it is and how to identify it

Posted on 9 March 2016 by Your Student Life, Supported

Ruth, one of our Nurses in Student Occupational Health, talks more about Meningitis and what to do if you suspect you, or someone you know might be infected…             What is Meningitis? Meningitis is an infection of the protective membranes (meninges) that surround the brain and spinal cord. The inflammation that
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Free exercise referral programme to help students

Posted on 8 March 2016 by Your Student Life, Supported

Student Interns, Annie and Will, tell us how exercise can benefit your wellbeing with the new Exercise on Referral scheme… University life is full of daily obstacles that can interfere with our mood and wellbeing. The accumulation of certain events can lead to many students’ studies being interrupted by depression and/or anxiety as motivation and decision-making
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Let’s talk about something we don’t talk about

Posted on 19 November 2014 by Your Student Life, Supported

John Cowley, Head of Counselling Health & Wellbeing at Cardiff University tells us more about The Student Sex Work Project and the support available to Cardiff students …   You may have seen a stall during Fresher’s week belonging to The Student Sex Work Project; here I’d like to tell you a little more about
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Enhancing Your Wellbeing as a Cardiff Student

Posted on 2 October 2014 by Your Student Life, Supported

Jo Pinder from the Student Wellbeing Team introduces the many ways they aim to help enhance your wellbeing as a Cardiff student … Earlier this year, the Student Wellbeing Team was appointed by the Student Counselling and Wellbeing Division to offer a new strand of support for students across the University. 
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