What is Sexual Violence?

Posted on 3 February 2019 by Your Student Life, Supported

It’s Sexual abuse and sexual violence awareness week, 4-10 February, and the perfect opportunity to remind students that Cardiff University has a zero tolerance policy for violence and abuse.  Please read on for more information about sexual violence and how to access support. The term “sexual violence” is an an all-encompassing, non-legal term that refers
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Do you know what true consent should sound like?

Posted on 18 October 2018 by Your Student Life, Supported

True consent should sound like a clear, enthusiastic consensual ‘yes’ from both individuals, and they should have the freedom and capacity to give their consent. Here’s our advice on how to gain consent from a sexual partner…             If someone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, unconscious or
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Have you been affected by violence?

Posted on 17 October 2018 by Your Student Life, Supported

Cardiff University is aware of how violence and abuse affects students, and is committed to addressing these issues. A violent crime is when someone physically hurts or threatens to hurt someone, and also includes crimes where a weapon is used. The police will record a crime as violent if the offender clearly intended or intends
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My experience of Anxiety and Depression

Posted on 27 June 2018 by Your Student Life Supported

Wellbeing Champion and Biomedical Science Student, Abbie, shares her experience of anxiety and depression, and encourages others to talk about how they’re feeling. When anxiety and depression began to have a huge effect on my life, I found it difficult to talk about how I was feeling. I struggled to even put what I was
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