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Social Enterprise Week starts today – Using your Bright Ideas to Help Others

Taren Young, CU Enterprise Officer tells us more about how our ideas can help others …
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From 26th – 31st January Cardiff University Enterprise will be celebrating Social Enterprise Week. This week of activities is aimed at enterprising students who want to become more socially responsible and use their big ideas to solve the big problems.  
We’re gearing up for a fun-filled week of events, activities and challenges all focussed around social enterprise. Not all business-people have big, money-making ideas, and often people are more interested in getting their idea out there, and helping others, rather than just making a profit.

We get a lot of people come into our office unsure of what social enterprise is, and if it’s actually any different from regular business start-up. We’re hoping that through this week of events, we’ll help aspiring business-people, and those interested in charitable ventures, to understand more about what this social enterprise thing is all about.


To us, a social enterprise is a business which aims to tackle social problems and improve communities, people’s lives or the environment. Basically it’s the charitable side of business, for those who have great ideas, but don’t like the idea of self-employment for the sake of pure profit. We’re hoping that this week of events will inspire students to consider what it means to run a social enterprise and encourage social entrepreneurship as a viable career option.


All of the events and activities for the week are absolutely free, and some of them even give you the chance to win some money! We have a full programme of activities and events available for students of all degree classifications and levels.


These include our …


Take a look at our Social Enterprise Week page  to find out more about these and other great events.


Get involved!
All semester, we’ll be running events for budding entrepreneurs, curious novices and those who just want to get ahead in the working world:



Best wishes

Taren Youngs

Enterprise Officer for CU Enterprise
Part of the Careers & Employability team, based at Cardiff University’s Centre for Skills, Enterprise and Volunteering (within the Students’ Union) on Park Place.

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