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Oxford PharmaGenesis: What a career in life science could look like

Oxford PharmaGenesis, one of the sponsors for this year’s Science Careers Fair, offer career opportunities in medical communications. Tom Potter, Communications Consultant, tells us more…

Can you remember what first sparked your interest in science?

For many, being involved at the cutting edge is highly motivating and research breakthroughs are rewarding. However, the reality of research is often long, antisocial hours and crushing repetition and the rewards may be few and far between.

A career in academia is not the only way to be part of the latest developments in science – and commercial career opportunities go beyond working in a lab.



Medical writing is a viable alternative for a career in science

If you enjoyed the writing elements of your research and have flair for clear, accurate and evidence-based written and verbal communications, then a career in medical communications may be for you.

You will be among the first to see data on new treatments designed to tackle debilitating or life-threatening conditions. You will get to apply your hard-earned scientific knowledge and analytical skills. If you really know your stuff, you may even be invited to author alongside leading medical experts!


Introducing Oxford PharmaGenesis and PharmaGenesis Cardiff

Oxford PharmaGenesis employs talented life scientists to provide high-quality medical writing and strategic consultancy services to the healthcare industry, professional societies and patient groups. Their commitment to excellence in science communication and dedicated service to our clients has enabled us to grow to over 150 employees across Oxford, Cardiff, London, Basel and Philadelphia. Oxford PharmaGenesis employs exceptional individuals who care about their work and the people around them, and offers them the chance to build a rewarding career in a fast-paced industry.



You wouldn’t be the first person to join us from Cardiff University

Several of our employees come from Cardiff University and have enjoyed successful careers in medical communications. Here are some of their stories:


Matt Long, Medical Writer

‘I spent three happy years in Cardiff studying for a PhD in synthetic organic chemistry. Throughout my time in academia and industry I had always enjoyed writing reports and preparing presentations, so medical communications seemed a like a good option. I took the jump from lab-based medicinal chemistry to medical writing 3 years ago and haven’t looked back since. In my relatively brief time as a medical writer I have worked on: digital e-learning packages for drugs reps; peer-reviewed publications for oncologists and mobile phone apps for patients.’


Elizabeth Hartfield, Senior Medical Writer

 ‘I joined Cardiff University in 2002 where I embarked upon my undergraduate degree in Medical Molecular Biology and later completed my PhD at the University of Bristol. When I first heard about medical communications, it was an unknown and mysterious field to me. However, after attending a networking event, I was convinced that I would be well suited to a career in medical writing and, more importantly, that I would enjoy it. I was surprised at how easy the transition from bench scientist to Medical Writer has been.’


Find out more at the Fair

If you are interested in finding out more, visit the Cardiff University Science Careers Fair (Viriamu Jones, VJ Gallery, Main Building, Park Place) on Wednesday 2nd November, where we will have a stand to give out more information.


Best Wishes,

Tom Potter, Communications Consultant, PharmaGenesis Cardiff.


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