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Overwhelmed with student life? 4 questions to ask yourself

Our Counselling, Health & Wellbeing Student Intern Annabel gives you some questions to ask yourself and tips for staying in control and positive …




Sometimes it’s easy to become overwhelmed with a number of things in every day life, such as work, relationships, money, diet, friends, and pretty much anything that may affect your day or mind set. We are human, we can’t help it, we worry, we get stressed, we let the little things build up, and this over a long period this could lead to more serious mental health implications. This blog is basically to remind you that you are in control, and you can change a negative mind set into a positive one through a few changes.


So you aren’t feeling yourself? You feel down? You are struggling to stay positive?  Ask yourself these 4 simple questions:


1. Are you eating healthy and feeding your body the good stuff?

No, that doesn’t mean what you necessarily enjoy, what may seem like a great idea to boost your mood (chocolate) or other snacks can lead you to feel even worse. Eating healthily may not seem like it will affect your outlook or mood, but you may be surprised. Why not try switching up your diet? There are hundreds of recipes and advice online that can be accessed simply by searching google. One of my favourite websites to visit is Deliciously Ella, she even has a great recipe for sweet potato brownies – don’t knock it till you’ve tried them.


2. Are you taking the time to rest, relax and re-cooperate?

So this may seem like an obvious one, but a good night’s sleep is a must, this should be around 8 hours, but if you have time for more even better. Another good way to just chill and calm down if you feel overwhelmed is a good bath, I know sometimes this is hard to come by at University and you may only have a mouldy shower to work with. If this is the case, maybe try a hot water bottle or some candles (be careful with both). Again, I can’t stress how important it is to make time for yourself, if you have read this and thought when do I have the time to run a bath, you are probably packing too much into one day.


3. Are you putting yourself first?

Again, this is an easy one to overlook, but putting your needs and what you want before others is actually really important, especially at university where you are sometimes thrown into living with people who may take more than they give back. From experience I know that trying to please everyone is almost impossible, and why should you try? When it comes to things like doing what makes you happy and what you enjoy, make sure you speak up and voice those things, even if other people around you don’t have the same opinion.


4. Are you taking the time to exercise?

The dreaded word for some I know, but it really is important. I’m not a pro at science, but I do believe endorphins can boost your mood in a positive manner (if you don’t believe me try google…). So get down to your local gym, the Uni gym, or park, or even university society! There really is no excuse, there is something for everyone, and I guarantee you will start to feel better for incorporating this into your day.


So that’s it, a few tips to keep you healthy and happy, I hope this helps and don’t forget you are the primary source of your happiness, so don’t neglect yourself.


Enjoy Uni but remember to look after yourself and be aware that Counselling, Health and Wellbeing team are always here to support you. We will be here throughout your time at university to support you through any struggles, and the service is completely free and confidential.


Best wishes

Annabel, Student Intern

Counselling, Health & Wellbeing Team

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