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“Oh my, where has the time gone!? I should really start doing something!”

Amy, Student Intern at Careers & Employability shares her story … “Oh my, where has the time gone!? I should really start doing something!”


Hello! My name is Amy and I have (very) recently started working in Careers & Employability as a student intern.

I am in my last year in Cardiff University, as scary as that is to admit, and as most students will agree I recently got hit with a wave of “oh my, where has the time gone!? I should really start doing something!”

I am lucky to say that, for me, that ‘something’ has been getting a part-time job and getting that all important, priceless thing called experience. 

I have worked a little in the last three years but only during the Summer holidays so with this being my first proper job in term time, what was important for me was that I maintained a balance between working and my university studies. So what is great to note is that straight away here at Careers & Employability, it was made clear that they share the same understanding and I was given the opportunity to suggest my preferred working days depending on my university timetable. For now I work on Wednesday and Friday mornings and as my timetable changes for Spring semester, my hours can be altered if necessary.


So, we’re off to a great start and I’m starting to wonder why on earth I didn’t get a part-time job sooner.


This is only my second week here but I am already seeing the benefits of working, especially in this department. First of all, everybody here is super friendly and this has meant I have been able to settle in really easily. But more importantly the services here are great. Cardiff University boasts a lot of helpful student services and the Careers & Employability centre definitely seems to be one at the top. Admittedly I hadn’t visited here before (hint: if you’re a student, VISIT HERE!) but since working here I wish I had.


On my first day I got taken on a ‘tour’ of all the information stands etc and was overwhelmed by the amount of leaflets, books, hand-outs, books, information packs, did I already say books?! Basically there is a lot of stuff to read here, some of which is free to take away with you so it is well worth coming down as a place to start.


As part of my job role I get to schedule tweets about vacancies that are posted on the Careers & Employability website and doing this has really opened up my eyes to just how much is out there. It is, without being over-dramatic, quite terrifying coming out of a three-year routine in university and being thrown into (you no doubt already shudder when you hear this) “the real world” but I am genuinely starting to think that if I had just brought myself to the second floor of the Student Support Centre I would’ve felt a lot better a long time ago. Just knowing that there are so many people and so many places willing to help and support and most importantly employ graduates is so reassuring.


Getting this part-time job is already becoming a nice little transition from studying to working which I think is really important and worthwhile. If you, like me, haven’t done much in the way of experience yet and think that you’re running out of time believe me when I say: even third year isn’t too late! In fact it is definitely better late than never! So wherever you are with your studies, my advice is to start considering work experience. It really doesn’t have to take up all of your time or disturb your studies or your social life and yet it is still such a great thing to have.


That’s all for now from me but the longer I am here, the more posts I will be looking forward to writing as my own experience here grows.


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Why not use the Christmas break to consider the support available and what you’d like to do.


All the best
Amy, Student Intern 



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