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Can someone help me?

Yes. Applying for student finance and the student loan system might appear confusing and complex, therefore some students prefer to have a third party calling on their behalf. This might be a parent, partner, legal representative or someone from the university or college. Our advisers are happy to assist you with this, however it is necessary to set up a “consent to share” permission.


The Advice and Money team at the Student Support Centre cannot speak to the Student Loan Company about your account or application unless you have already set up consent to share. So, if you would like the Advice and Money team to speak to the SLC on your behalf, it is advisable to set up consent to share first.


What is consent to share?

Student Finance (Student Finance England, Student Finance Wales and the EU Team) have a legal obligation under the Data Protection Act to ensure that personal data held or processed regarding student accounts remains safe. The SLC cannot discuss or provide any personal data regarding your application or account to any third party without consent. Third party “consent to share” is a written or verbal authorisation which lets the SLC discuss account specific information, with the exception of bank details and disability, with a third party. This permission can be given to an individual (such as a family member) or to an institution (such as the Student Support Centre). It can also be given to up to two third parties.


How can I set up Consent to Share?

  • You will need to contact Student Finance and ask to set up “consent to share” for the Student Support Centre at Cardiff University as an institution. The fastest way to have consent added is to call the relevant Student Finance Service:
Student Finance England: 0845 300 5090.
Student Finance Wales: 0300 200 4050.
Student Finance EU Team: 0141 243 3570.
  •  Student Finance will go through security with you so you will need your Customer Reference Number and your secret answer.
  •  You will then need to provide the following information:
Our name: The Student Support Centre, Cardiff University
Our address: 50 Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3AT
Our relationship: Student Adviser
  • They will then ask you to choose a “consent to share” password. You will need to inform us of the password in order for us to contact Student Finance for you.


How does it work?

  • Access to information is ‘read-only’. Therefore, the third party cannot change anything on your Student Finance account.
  • Consent to share does not include sharing of bank details and Information on a disability. The current process remains whereby students have to give consent via the DSA application form.
  • You can set up consent to share to last for just a specified period or for the whole duration of your course. It’s up to you. If you are experiencing problems with Student Finance and want the Student Support Centre’s help, we would advise you to set up “consent to share” for the Student Support Centre indefinitely so that we can assist you throughout your course.


Overall, consent to share can be helpful if you are struggling with something regarding your student loan and you need some help from our advisers, you can book an appointment with Student Advice & Money by telephoning (029) 2087 4528, emailing at or dropping by at the Student Support Centre, 50 Park Place.


Best Wishes,

Advice and Money Team


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