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My work with staff to help shape our digital education

22 September 2020
Clarissa, MSc Environment and Development

My name is Clarissa and I am studying MSc Environment and Development at the School of Geography and Planning. I have been a student engagement champion since last October and since the end of March (beginning of lockdown), I have been undertaking this role remotely. These remote opportunities have allowed me to become more involved in improving digital learning resources for students.

One of the key challenges the university faces, as many universities will do, is adapting to teaching remotely and equipping students with the necessary support for them to thrive academically whilst having limited face-to-face teaching. Staff at the university have been working immensely hard to ensure this transition to remote learning happens as smoothly as possible and part of this transition has involved updating existing digital resources and creating new ones to prepare current and incoming students.  

Recently, I have been involved in reviewing the Learning Central Induction Module, by providing feedback on content, presentation and user-friendliness to ensure the module is ready to provide students, especially first years, with key information.

I have also been providing feedback for new context such as an ‘induction to online and digital learning at Cardiff University’ as well as offering suggestions for some of the content including remote learning top tips and personal tutor testimonials.

Being a student myself, I hope that my suggestions will prove useful and relatable to students and hopefully make them feel as though they are not alone during these challenging times. Learning remotely presents a new challenge for everybody but with adequate support, this challenge can also bring a great sense of achievement for those who navigate themselves through it.  

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