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My journey with GO Wales

Sara, English Literature and Language student, shares her experience of gaining work experience with the help of GO Wales.

Employers put work experience at the top of their wish list when they recruit graduates. However, not everyone finds it easy to get the work experience they need. This is where GO Wales could help!

GO Wales is an EU funded project which creates tailored, flexible work experience opportunities for eligible students.  The team can work with you to secure work experience, improving your chances of securing employment when you complete your course. Find out more here.

Now over to Sara!


What prompted you to want to work with GO Wales to get work experience?

The main reason I applied to get work experience with Go Wales was to gain sufficient experience in my chosen field. As a Black Muslim girl I felt as if my barriers to work would be greater than my peers. I wanted to gain experience in publishing, so I asked to be placed on work placements where I would gain relevant work experience. However, I could not decide whether I wanted to gain publishing experience within the news or a magazine or a book. The programme is flexible and allowed me to go on different types of work placements.

What type of work experience did GO Wales secure for you and with which company/organisation?           

The first work placement I was put on was a three-day shadowing opportunity at the Western Mail. This allowed me to explore the journalism industry and to see the way in which news paper articles were generated. During the work placement I was given the opportunity to write a sports article which was later published under my name in the South Wales Echo. The second work placement I was put on was with a Cardiff and South Wales magazine company named Buzz Magazine. This taster placement allowed me to gain experience in a different sector of publishing. I had realised that the magazine company was slow-moving in comparison to the fast paced environment of the Western Mail. Being able to go on different placements through GO Wales allowed me to filter and narrow down my options by helping me understand what I preferred and did not prefer. Whilst I was working at Buzz Magazine I also had the opportunity to write an article which was also published on their website.

How did the work experience boost your employability?

After going on these placements throughout my second year, it increased my employability as I used this experience to apply for a Welsh Government internship. My application was successful and I worked in the communications department for eight weeks. I will return after I graduate to work there for a year under the same programme. Without help from GO Wales I would not have had the opportunity to go through this type of application. I was also picked to work on a research project with Cardiff University on the Somali Community Needs in Cardiff. This was also a possibility because of the experience I found through GO Wales.

Overall what were the benefits of your work experience and what would you say to students considering using GO Wales?

Overall, utilising Go Wales was a great way for me to grow as a person and to develop skills that I otherwise would have to have learnt later on in life. This programme gave me a head start and has allowed me to learn about what prospects I have available to me after I have graduated and left university.


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What are you waiting for? Get going with GO Wales!

Check out the GO Wales website here and if you’re eligible, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the GO Wales Team to take your next step in your career planning journey.

Email: Gowales@cardiff.ac.uk

Tel: 029 20870181


Not eligible for GO Wales, but still need help with getting work experience?

You can get help with finding work experience from the Work Experience team. Find out more on the Work Experience Intranet page, or email workexperience@cardiff.ac.uk.


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Best wishes,

Sara Kalinleh, English Literature and Language Student.

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