Making the most of IT at Cardiff University – top tips for students

We’ve teamed up with the University’s IT Services team to offer you some great tips for getting connected when you first start at the University and making the most of IT …




Getting online will be one of the first tasks you want to perform after arriving on campus but once your online there’s some great perks you can take advantage of …


1. Get online.

Connect you phone, tablet or laptop to CU-Wireless and follow the easy step by step instructions to get connected to the campus wide wireless network.


2. Manage your password .

You’ll be given a network password to access many of the online services at University which you’ll need to remember and keep secure. If you do happen to forget this password, providing you’ve set up your security questions you’ll always be able to reset it at anytime. Setup your security questions now.


3. Get Microsoft Office for free

Now that you’re a student at Cardiff University you are entitled to receive Microsoft Office for free during your entire period of study. You can download Office onto multiple machines directly from your University email account on Office 365.


4. Free anti-virus software

To stay safe online the University provides free anti-virus software to protect your computer and other users of the network. We require students to run anti-virus software and ensure that your computer is fully patched – if not, you run the risk of not being permitted access to the University network. Get your free Sophos anti-virus software now.


5. Print from home using wireless printing

You don’t have to log into a University computer to print a piece of work, simply submit a document to print online, then pop into a library or IT room to print it using just your ID card and one of the webPrint printers. This can be a life-saver at busy times. Find out more (http://www.cardiff.ac.uk/insrv/graphicsandmedia/printing/index.html).



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