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L’oreal tell Cardiff students exactly what they’re looking for at Assessment Centres

Another great day for the First Year Internship Bootcamp and an ACE Assessment Centre session with L’Oreal. Emma Green our Student Intern tells us more …


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L’Oreal were on campus yesterday (3rd Feb) as part of the first year Internship Bootcamp. They were specifically focusing on how to succeed in the group task element of the assessment centre (an activity set by most large companies). Students were encouraged to take part in an example to give them experience and benefit from invaluable feedback from employers.

The situation students had to tackle under time pressure was as follows:


You have been stranded on a desert island. You have found a boat that will only allow two people to be carried to safety. The rest of you will be left on the island and the future of your safety is uncertain.


You will now be given a number 1-6 this indicates what character you are going to be.


1) New-born child

2) Old lady – with a huge family back at home

3) Single mother of one teenager

4) Honeymoon couple

5) Doctor

6) University student


It is now your task to debate who should stay on the island and who should be allowed on the boat. Remember this is a persuasion task!


As a group, we decided that the single mother and the new-born child would be saved. Would you have done the same? Try to think of arguments for and against saving each of the characters, how would you convince your teammates that your character is worth saving over others?


If you missed the session, here are some top tips for acing the group task:

  • be assertive but not aggressive, try to involve everyone
  • make sure that you have your say – if you don’t contribute you can’t be assessed
  • don’t be afraid to step down if you believe it is for the benefit of the group
  • be confident by showing initiative and getting involved if recruiters ask for volunteers.


Find out more about L’Oreal online. Follow them on twitter @ @


Today’s session gave students an insight into what to expect at assessment centre and a rare opportunity to get feedback on their performance. Top recruiters are on campus until Thursday, encouraging first year students to apply for summer internships. There’s still time to get involved with ACCA, IBM, KPMG and EY set to visit campus over the next few days.


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