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Ignite 2015: Use your skills, have fun and make a profit!

Taren Young, CU Enterprise Officer tells us more about IGNITE and what a great experience it is for students …


Ignite is a 4 day intensive enterprise course run by Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan University and the University of South Wales.


Last February I experienced my first ever Ignite and I had an absolute blast! I got the pleasure of working with twenty students from each institution, helping them build their enterprise skills and challenging them to turn a profit in a short period of time. These students who had no business backgrounds whatsoever at the start of the programme and by the third day they were applying simple concepts to make money.


My favourite part of Ignite is the workshops we ran during the first two days, particularly the drama workshop. The students were forced out of their comfort zones by playing games. When the workshop was over, everyone had a good laugh and realised that they had built on the necessary skills needed to present or pitch a business idea in front of a large or small audience. The students rated the workshop as the most useful, interesting and fun.


The other workshops focussed on building relevant skills like networking and thinking on your feet. We then worked on highlighting the importance of marketing and the initial challenges of going to market with a new product. Along the way, the students also developed techniques for sound communication, team working, and creative thinking skills.


I found Ignite to be exceptionally exciting because it culminated in a 24 hour business challenge. In groups, the students were challenged to come up with a viable short-term business idea. We then got a panel of judges together and the students pitched for seed money. After students had secured funding we sent them out into the city of Cardiff or Newport to practice various negotiation and selling techniques. Participants were challenged to develop and implement a business idea from scratch, with the aim of making a profit within just 24 hours! The winning team made over £600 which they donated to charity. It was a great event to facilitate and watch and I can’t wait for this year!


Interested? Visit http://bit.ly/15rWzsO and apply for your place now! But hurry, applications close on 3rd February.


Best wishes

Taren Youngs

Enterprise Officer for CU Enterprise

Part of the Careers & Employability team, based at Cardiff University’s Centre for Skills, Enterprise and Volunteering (within the Students’ Union) on Park Place.

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