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How innovative are you?

Rhys, Enterprise Manager, encourages students to identify and improve their innovation.

Employers are increasingly looking for graduates who can be enterprising and innovative; but what does that mean? Cardiff University Enterprise & Start-Up believe it means having the self-belief and skills to bring your ideas to life.



How innovative are you? Find out:

How many of these questions can you say ‘YES’ to:

  1. Do you write down your ideas to avoid forgetting those eureka moments? Y / N
  2. Do you use stories and metaphors to engage other people with your ideas? Y / N
  3. Do you ask plenty of open-ended questions? Y / N
  4. You never try to have one perfect idea. You begin with quantity over quality? Y / N
  5. Do you share your ideas, even the silly ones? Y / N
  6. Do you take time to practice thinking more creatively? Y / N
  7. Are you ready and prepared for people to resist new ideas at first? Y / N
  8. Do you feed your creativity by experiencing new things, places and people? Y / N


Your results:

YES = ‘0’ ZERO  

Exciting times! There are completely different ways of looking at the world that you’ve yet to see. Why not join Enactus, the society that uses enterprise to do good in the community. Go and experience those new things, places and people J

YES = 1 to 3

You’re getting there. It might be time to book a seat at one of our skills workshops to get your creativity flowing and start sharing your ideas with like-minded students. Check out our events pages.

YES = 4 to 6

Whoa! Great work. Perhaps it’s time for you to get stuck into one of our real-worlds projects and use those innovative habits to solve problems for the local community. Come along to our next major event, the Enterprise Christmas Market in the Students’ Union on 6 December.

YES = 7 to 8

Congratulations!! Those graduate employers will be thrilled to recruit you. In fact, you’re ready to start bringing your ideas to life #ideastolife. Check out our start-up workshops to hone your skills and knowledge as well as meeting our regular guest speakers. You could even book a one-to-one business advice meeting.

All Enterprise & Start-Up workshops and events can count towards your Cardiff Award.


Inspired? Get involved with Cardiff University Enterprise and Start-Up

Do you have entrepreneurial inspirations and aspirations? Cardiff University Enterprise and Start-up could help you realise your full potential in business and entrepreneurship. It’s all about thinking creatively, spotting opportunities, making things happening and developing skills for life. It’s not just about business; it’s about helping you to make the most of yourself.

We run workshops, competitions and sessions to help you develop skills and knowledge. Find out about all our courses and sessions on the intranet, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, with #ideastolife, or email us at Enterprise@cardiff.ac.uk.


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Best wishes,

Rhys, Enterprise Manager.

Rhys Enterpirse

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