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How can the Advice & Money team help you?

Money Worries? You are never alone… Victoria, our Advice & Money Intern, introduces the university staff on hand to help you.

Money issues may at first leave you scratching your head, but they can also make you feel anxious or isolated. Luckily, the Advice & Money team is there to help, whatever the issue. The support they provide is free, non-judgemental and completely confidential.

Watch our video, ‘How Can the Advice and Money Team Help You?’


Whether you need advice on budgeting, student finance, housing or help applying to the financial assistance programme when times become tough – you can come and see, or email one of these lovely bunch. As they say, ‘a problem shared, is a problem halved’, or maybe even solved with the expertise of these financial whizzes.

Meet the team at…

50 Park Place

hannah hunter

Hannah Hunter

Top Tip: ‘Try and buy only what you need, not what all of what you want.’
Top Regret: ‘Buying a mickey mouse hat at Disneyland. It’s been woefully headless ever since.’

You may recognise Hannah’s face from your financial induction talks. She also helps students with any academic issues, or changes to course.


siobhan williams

Siohban Williams

Top Tip: ‘Budget weekly.’
Top Regret: ‘Taking money out without checking my balance.’

Siobhan helps students with their funding, whether it be completing applications or solving problems that arise along the way. She’s also the go-to advisor for all things housing related.


helen kerrigan

Helen Kerrigan

Top Tip: ‘Cook with friends.’
Top Regret: ‘Spending my last pound on a lottery ticket.’

Helen helps students experiencing financial hardship by providing individual budgeting plans or helping them to apply for the financial assistance programme.


shiela king

Sheila King

Top Tip: ‘Find a job doing something you enjoy.’
Top Regret: ‘Ending up as a Scrooge after not putting enough money aside for Christmas once.’

Sheila also helps students who wish to apply for the financial assistance programme.



paula barker

Paula Barker

Top Tip: ‘An overdraft is a limit, not a target.’
Top Regret:Buying rubbish because it’s on sale.’

Paula works mainly with helping part-time students, and those in continuing and professional development. She is a real woman of wisdom, with resounding words of advice on effective budgeting like, ‘you can only spend each pound once.’


einir england blog

Einir England

Top Tip: ‘Don’t shop when you’re hungry’
Top Regret: ‘Taking out a Topshop credit card.’

Welsh-speaker Einir specialises in supporting care leavers and estranged students, who are usually entitled to financial aid. She also helps students prepare for their placement year and year abroad.



Tania Hardisty

Top Tip: ‘Colour-code your budget.’
Top Regret: ‘Spending too much on swanky pens, pretty post-its and hefty highlighters.’

Tania lives a double life between Heath Park on a Thursday and Park Place on a Friday. She helps students with a number of issues, and she’s also in charge of gathering student feedback.


sian eddy

Sian Eddy

Top Tip: ‘Don’t avoid your financial problems: seek advice and face them head-on.’
Top Regret: ‘Blowing my student loan on River Island Boots!

Sian helps students applying to the Financial Assistance Programme and processes their applications for financial aid.



The Julian Hodge Building (The Business School)


amy close

Amy Close

Top Tip: ‘Use a budgeting app to track all those little spends that add up quickly.’
Top Regret:Buying a pair of roller skates that I never used again after I sustained multiple bruises.’

At the Business School, Amy helps students with funding queries, housing issues, navigating university processes and procedures and general welfare queries.  Amy specialises in extenuating circumstances and sits on the Business School’s Extenuating Circumstances Group.  She is also the key contact for students across the University who are asylum seekers.


Cardigan House (Heath Campus)


gareth davies

Gareth Davies

Top Tip: ‘Freeze your debit card in a plastic wallet.’
Top Regret: ‘Not eating food before it goes out of date.’

Based in Cardigan House at the Heath Campus, Gareth is there for any concerns regarding NHS funding or changes in circumstances.


Talk to the Advice & Money Team

If you’re struggling financially, don’t bury your head in the sand (you’re brainy, not grainy). Student Support Services at Cardiff University are here to help you, so please drop in or contact Advice & Money should you have any questions. Telephone: 02920 874528 Email:

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Best Wishes,

Victoria, Advice & Money Student Intern







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