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Have you got the Presentation Skills to WOW Employers?

ACCA ran a session today on Presentation Skills to WOW Employers, here Amelia Dyer tells us more …



With the third day of the Internship Bootcamp underway ACCA paid Cardiff University a visit to help boost students confidence when tackling presentations. The session began by focusing on the skills employers are looking for and then continued to focus on building upon those important verbal and presenting skills.




All students partaking in the session were paired up and asked to prepare a 2 minute presentation working on the basic tips we had been given in the previous slides. These tips included working on how you want to be perceived, allowing the audience to absorb the points you make and speaking clearly.


basic tips


The presentation topics included:


  • Winter V Summer
  • Facebook V Twitter
  • Childhood V Adulthood
  • Music V Books


When presenting we were told to compare and contrast the two topics and come to a decision as to which topic was your preferred choice. The allotted time also allowed for the other person in your pair to critique your performance and suggest some constructive criticism.


This process was really helpful because you could be very reflective and critical of your presentation techniques, comparing yourself to the points and tips mentioned in the earlier presentation.


If you were unable to attend the session why not try this activity out for yourself, either on your own or with a friend? Did you follow the top tips given for presenting? How could you improve? Make sure you make a note of the areas you need to develop and work on them for your next presentation!


Finally, here are some top tips for delivering a presentation that will WOW employers!


  • Practice, practice, practice!
  • Put yourself in as many different scenarios as you can that will help you develop the skills an employer may be looking for!
  • Be yourself when presenting!
  • When presenting follow this structure:


“Tell them what you will tell them (introduction), tell them (middle), tell them what you told them (conclusion).”


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Top recruiters are on campus until Thursday, encouraging first year students to apply for summer internships. There’s still time to get involved  find out more  Careers & Employability on Twitter and Facebook.


Best wishes
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