Grow your idea with Syniad 2019

SYNIAD is here to help students become innovators by growing their ideas and confidence. 

(SYNIAD is Welsh for ‘IDEA’ – it is pronounced SUN-YAD)  

SYNIAD Competition  

The focus of SYNIAD 2019 is our ideas competition.  

More than ever, the world needs great ideas to disrupt the ordinary. We have worked with Cardiff University’s Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformation (https://cast.ac.uk/) to challenge students to share an idea that would improve one of these areas: 

  • Food and Diet  
  • Material consumption   
  • Transport and mobility 
  • Heating and cooling 

It is an incredibly valuable skill to develop and share an idea. We encourage as many of Cardiff University students as possible to give it a go! 

Competition prizes 

The winning idea will receive £1,250, supported by Santander Universities – as well as prizes for runners-up.   

Everyone who enters will get an exclusive booking link to the SYNIAD lecture from James Poulter on the evening of 19 November 2019. James Poulter is the former Head of Lego Group’s Emerging Platform and founder of Voice2.  

How to apply 

  1. Read the SYNIAD challenge  
  2. Have an idea*  
  3. Create an account on Simply Do Ideas 
  4. Send in a 5-minute video pitch   

Applications close on 21 November 2019 

*Having a great idea and sharing it with the world takes skill and confidence. Our events programme is here help you grow ideas. 

Find the next drop-in or workshop at: https://buff.ly/308iiHp  

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