Free co-working space with YMLAEN

Are you looking to develop your business idea or looking to freelance? Find out how you could get a free desk space in a Cardiff co-working hub together with seed-funding to bring your idea to life. 

The YMLAEN (Welsh for ‘onwards’) scheme offers a free desk space for current students and graduates in a local co-working hub. 

Successful applicants will also receive professional mentoring and seed-funding. 

This opportunity is open to those who: 

  • are current students who are looking to do a placement as part of their course 
  • are Cardiff University graduates 
  • are based in Cardiff and the city region 
  • have a business idea that they want to bring to life or are looking to freelance or develop community projects 

There will be support from the Enterprise and Startup team to aid the development of your venture. 

Apply now 

You can unlock an YMLAEN placement through our Start-up Support Package. 

Book an intro session 

Or contact enterprise@cardiff.ac.uk with any questions. 

Inspired? Get involved with Enterprise and Start-up!

Do you have entrepreneurial inspirations and aspirations? Enterprise and Start-up could help you realise your full potential in business and entrepreneurship. It’s all about thinking creatively, spotting opportunities, making things happen and developing skills for life. It’s not just about business; it’s about helping you to make the most of yourself.

We run workshops, competitions and sessions to help you develop skills and knowledge. Search ‘Start a Business’ on the intranet

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