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EU Undergraduates and Tuition Fee Funding

Hannah from the Advice and Money Team discusses the tuition fee funding available to EU undergraduates.

As an European Union (EU) undergraduate student you can apply for funding from Student Finance Wales (SFW) to help you meet the cost of your tuition fees. For those of you starting this year (2017/18), or continuing with your studies, you can apply for:

  • A tuition fee loan of up to £4046
  • A tuition fee grant of up to £4954


Have you received the YES letter?

Most of you probably applied before you even started with us at Cardiff and by now you should have received the letter telling you what support you will be entitled to this year.  This letter is called your notification letter and will be sent from SFW and the EU Team. This will tell you how much loan and/or grant you will be entitled to for academic year 17/18. Remember you won’t see any of this money as it will be paid directly to the university to cover the cost of your tuition fees.


Why isn’t my funding showing on my SIMS record?

Don’t panic, if you have received the letter confirming the amount of support for 2017/18 then everything is happening as it should do. The university will be told of your funding from SFW and the EU Team and this will be updated on your SIMS account during October. Please note that you must make sure that you have returned your declaration form as Student Finance will not pay any tuition fees if they have not received this. The university’s finance department gives students 30 days from the date you started your course to confirm how your fees will be paid, so this shouldn’t cause you any problems.

There is no need to contact the finance department while you wait for your SIMS account to be updated. However, if your SIMS record hasn’t been updated 30 days after you started your course  then please contact us in the Advice and Money Team so that we can check to make sure there are no problems with your funding application.

Not sure what a declaration form is? Watch the video below

I have applied for a tuition fee grant only and will pay the rest of my fees myself

If you have only applied for the tuition fee grant then you will need to pay the remainder of your tuition fee charge directly to the finance department. Once your SIMS record has been updated with notification of your tuition fee grant in October it will show that you still need to pay up to £4046 yourself, directly to the university. Your SIMS record will update to tell you how and when to make the payments for this part of your tuition fees. Please go to SIMS online to check your tuition fee account and to see how much you are required to pay.

You can also find more details about how to pay your tuition fees here.


Didn’t know you could apply, what should you do now?

If you think you qualify for this funding and haven’t applied yet then our advice is to submit an application as soon as possible.


How to apply

You can download the application form by clicking here. Once you have filled in the form we would recommend that you post your application to the address included in the form by special delivery from a post office. If you use special delivery you will be given a tracking number that you can use to check that your application arrives safely.


What should I do while I wait for my application to be assessed?

Applications can take up to 6 weeks to be processed by the EU Team at the start of the academic year. The finance department will automatically give you 30 days from starting your course to confirm how you will be paying your tuition fees. If you applied for your funding after you enrolled then you probably won’t receive an answer until after the 30 days. If this applies to you then you will need to contact the fees office by email to request an extension. Their email address is: If you need help with this please contact the Advice & Money Team.

If you still haven’t had the yes letter 6 weeks after applying please call in and see an adviser in the Advice & Money Team and we will be able to help you check with the EU Team on the progress of your application and we can also help you arrange an extension with finance depending on your circumstances.

If you will only be applying for the tuition fee grant then you will be expected to still make payments for the remainder of your tuition fees on the due dates as indicated on your tuition fee account which you can see at SIMS online.


All sorted? Now budget for your time here

Contact Advice and Money

Student Support Services at Cardiff University are here to help you, please drop in or contact us should you have any questions.

Telephone: 02920 874844.



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