5 Top Tips for Creating Great Visual Content

Sean, Enterprise Officer, gives you his 5 top tips to creating social media content that can help boost your following and brand awareness.

One marketing trend that is hard to ignore is the power and value of visual content in your social media.  Posts that contain images produce 650% higher engagement than text-only posts.  Having great visual content can increase your brand awareness, engagement, interactions and enhance the design and consistency of your content.

Here are my 5 top tips to creating great visuals for your posts.

There’s lots of free resources out there!

There are some great, free online design platforms you can use to create professional looking visual content.  Take Canva for example, a relatively new platform that allows you to design sleek, professional visuals in just a few minutes!


You can use ready-made templates for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or create custom sized graphics.  Canva has a whole library of imagery, icons, shapes and more to get you the right look. 

Use high quality photography

In order to create eye-catching posts that draws our attention you need to ensure you choose a quality photograph.  Many people think that stock images are costly, but you can find free to use imagery on sites such as Pixabay.   A high quality photo grabs your viewers’ attention and helps give the impression you’re a professional, trustful brand.


(image: PixaBay)

Stop using so much text

Text is great, this blog is text.  But it can get really overwhelming REALLY quickly.  Whether you’re making a visual post for Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, don’t let the words overwhelm the picture.  The purpose of having a visual post is to let the image tell the story, always try to place the text within empty space, this will make your post more meaningful, more impactful and more sharable.

Use a range of visual content

Visual content is one of the most powerful ways to engage your followers.  But they don’t want to see the same thing 5 times a day right?  You can solve this by creating a variety of different visuals, for example:

Quote Graphics

Quote graphics help your followers connect with the meaning and message of your brand – not just the product you’re selling.  Followers will be more likely to share quote graphics because they are able to relate to them.


(image: Canva.com)


Infographics are a way of telling a story in a visually captivating way.

Take a look at this Coffee infographic.  Not only does it catch your eye, it tells you the story of coffee and makes it interesting with fun facts such as the average person in Finland drinks 6 cups of coffee a day!


(image: Canva.com)


Show off your epic photography skills, whether on Instagram of Twitter, a great photo can reach a lot of people.  With all of the great apps available on our phones today, you’re able to take great quality photos.  Take time to compose the perfect shot of your event, or trip and you’re sure to have lots of likes.


(image: Life of Pix)

Make sure people know you created it

The whole idea of creating super sharable content is to drive people to your site.  Don’t put out content that becomes untraceable back to you!  There’s nothing worse than finding a great infographic that has no information of the publisher.

Make sure you always add your company name or link to further information so the viewer knows where to go to find out more or buy your product or service.

And also, don’t forget about consistency.  When you follow a template or structure your followers will instantly know it’s you without having to see your name (you should still add it anyway for new followers)

Consider the look and feel of the template, ensure you use the same font and size every time, consider the colours you use and you’ll have a stronger visual impression on your audience.

Whether you’re working with photographs, infographics, or GIFS there is no question that visual content is a crucial part of any social media marketing.  Use these tips and tools to help boost your brand awareness and engagement!

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