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Christmas at Uni Survival Guide Part 1 – How to make the most of the winter break …

Being at university during the Christmas holiday can be hard so Counselling, Health and Wellbeing have created a series of blog posts to help you get rid of your winter blues and make the festive season a time of fun, relaxation and good memories …

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Part 1. How to make the most of the winter break …

Deadlines have mostly been and gone, and you finally have some free time to relax before the spring semester begins. But what is there to do? Your housemates have gone home and the Taf is shut – disaster! Or is it? Actually, there’s plenty to do in Cardiff over Christmas …

1. Meet your block

Why not use the break as an opportunity to make friends with new people? There will be lots of other students staying at uni over Christmas for different reasons. Chances are they’ll be feeling a little lonely too, so why not get to know them? You could invite them round to yours for coffee or agree to visit a local event together.


2. Write a list

Think back to a time when you had revision to do or deadlines to meet, and write down all the things you missed doing during this time. Alternatively, simply write a list of things that make you happy! Aim to tick of everything on your list before the winter break is over.


3. Treat yourself

If you have the flat to yourself, why not indulge in some ‘me’ time – try putting on your favourite music in the kitchen and cooking yourself your favourite meal using fresh ingredients – Read our blog on healthy eating. Even if you have exams to revise for, it’s important to take some time out to relax in order to avoid feeling stressed.

4. Arrange a seasonal meal

Get a group of people together, decide on a meal you all like and pool your money to buy ingredients and cook it together. Alternatively, you could each bring one dish along and have a seasonal buffet!


5. See a film

Cineworld (on Mary Ann Street, next to the Motorpoint Arena) is open throughout the Christmas period (apart from Christmas Day). If you bring your student card a ticket is about £6.00. You can check film times on the Cineworld website in advance, and there will be seasonal films!


6. Explore new places

It you book in advance you can get cheap Christmas deals on train fares to visit other cities, which can be made even cheaper if you use a railcard. Check out christmas travel.


Go to the Christmas Market

Cardiff Christmas Market is set up on the Hayes from November 13th until December 24th. It’s a great place to pick up gifts to send to your family, as well as to have some mulled wine!


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Make the most of your Christmas in Cardiff and do lots of new things this winter!


Season’s greetings

Sarah & Will, Student Interns

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