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Celebrating LGBT + History Month

Hi all,

It’s LGBT+ History Month, a time of year where we remember all the people who dedicated themselves to the pursuit of rights, freedom, and pride. At this time of year, its especially important to reflect on how far we’ve come, even in the last few years. Everyday, more and more people across the world can live and love free from fear.

I’m personally very proud to be a part of such a supportive community, especially here at Cardiff University. The friends I have made here have made my university life amazing, and they continue to inspire me and amaze me every day.

It’s easy to feel alone in a crowd, and that’s never been truer for me than when I first came to university. In a lecture hall of hundreds, and a student population of thousands, its often overwhelming, and hard to know where we fit in. I have been lucky to find my tribe within the amazing LGBT+ community here. It’s a community without judgement, where I feel free to express myself both as an LGBT+ person, and in all the other ways I want to be seen and heard.

If I could have one wish for all of you reading this, it is that you find those people that make you feel safe and welcomed. I know many of us, myself included, face times in our lives when we don’t feel accepted and loved. But I want you to know that you are loved, and you are accepted. There are places and people out there for everyone.

This LGBT+ History Month, it’s as important to remember the hard times we have overcome, as it is to celebrate all that we are proud of. Being our authentic selves is hard due to the challenges we still face, but it’s also as easy as breathing. Once we learn to accept and love ourselves, nothing in the past, the present, or the future can hold us back.

If you aren’t currently out, remember it is your choice to do so, and not being out does not mean you cannot be true to yourself within your heart. Coming out is your personal choice, and you can decide when, and to whom, you wish to do so, if at all. I wish you all the courage and pride in the world, and remember your community will always have your back.

Claire, LGBT+ Champion

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