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Benefits of using your University’s Career Service

14 October 2020

The team from Grad Hive tell us how useful your University Careers service can be, even when you’ve graduated.

By The Grad Hive

Your university has many useful resources when it comes to employability; one of which is their careers service.

Today, we’ll be using Cardiff University’s career service as an example of how these services can be a student/ recent graduate’s best friend (a common misconception is that these services are just for students, but as an alumni you also have access!)

What can Cardiff university’s career service offer?

  • Explore your options – Perfect if you don’t yet know what you want to do. By speaking to career professionals though, you’re able to discuss your strengths and interests to narrow down potential career paths! Often, there are jobs out there which you didn’t even know existed. Book an appointment with a Careers Adviser.
  • Develop your skills – Whether it’s soft skills or industry-based skills, your career services team can help develop these. The team have a wealth of information, as well as accessibility to additional services you should be utilising! Remember, as a student, you have paid for the privilege for all these services – use them! Click here to find out more.  
  • Find work experience – This is perhaps most relevant now more than ever. You may be wondering, how can I obtain work experience when most companies are now working from home? This is a more than fair question, and one which your careers team will be able to help you with. Find Work Experience.
  • Meet employers – Universities have long, established relationships with employers (often employers who are based within the area). You may have a list of employers you’re particularly attracted to. We recommend cross referencing this list with your careers team and seeing if any match up. Your careers team are more than just a service, they’re also a network. Find out about upcoming employer events.
  • Improve your job applications – Whether it’s a CV, covering letter, or any other aspect to a job application, the career services team will be happy to offer their advice on how to strengthen your application. Job applications vary from employer to employer. Some may require a response to set questions, whilst other may request a video application. But by speaking to as many employability professionals as possible, you will begin to learn what makes an application standout.  
  • Compete for jobs – Your services team will post regular jobs; often jobs based within the area too. If you’re looking to stay in Cardiff, then this is just another reason you would want to keep up to date with their careers team. Find graduate jobs, placements and internships.
  • Join the Cardiff Award –  The Cardiff award is a structured programme which improves your understanding of your career potential, encourages you to participate in activities that develop your employability skills, and offers practical experience of recruitment processes to help you compete in the graduate job market. Click here to find out more.   
  • Develop a business idea – Finally, you may wish to develop a business idea. Cardiff have been fantastic in helping develop The Grad Hive, and thanks to Rhys (Co- Founder of The Grad Hive) being an alumni of Cardiff, the university has offered endless help to take our project to the next level!  Click here to find out more.  


Ultimately, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for graduates to stand out in a crowded job market. Despite this, an outstanding number of students don’t visit their career services. Visiting the careers team means you are taking the first steps to gain a head start in the job market.

And finally, as a student, you’re paying a lot to attend university. One of the many aspects you’re given access to is your careers team. So if you’re still unsure about whether you should speak to them, think of it this way… would you pay for a top and not wear it? Would you buy a beer and not drink it?

We’ll leave you with that thought!

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