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Bag it up, Bag it up…

Bag it up, bag it up… Student intern Kate tells us all we need to know about bins.

Are tea bags for the green bin? Are eggshells for the black bin? Don’t send the bin men (and the council) reeling over the metaphorical banana peel of your waste.

Bins are the dreaded household topic, and are often at the heart of heated arguments or aggrieved eye-twitches. Don’t recycle the drama – bag the bin knowledge and you can leave the arguments out with the trash (in the appropriate bins, of course).

This handy blog will help you to become the master of all things bin in Cardiff.


Bins or bin bags?

To bin or to bag, that is the question! To find out whether you need to use bins or bin bags enter your postcode on the councils website and voila, your answer will be there. A lot simpler than Shakespeare.

If you’re staying in University Residences, these have private waste disposal so life couldn’t be simpler. Put your black or green (recyclables) into the appropriate skip whenever suits you.


Types of bags

So now you know whether to bin or bag it, it’s time to learn about the different types. There are three types of bin bags for houses who use bin bags instead of wheelie bins.

For those with wheelie bins there are black bags for general waste, green bin bags for the recycling and green bags that go into the food waste bins.

For houses that don’t have a bin there is a slight change where you don’t have black bin bags, instead you have to use cream bin bags that are provided by the council (in addition to green recycling bags and green food waste bags). Don’t forget to recycle as much as you can as there is a limit on the amount of cream bags the council give you! So don’t go wild on those bin bags or you’ll have to buy more.


 Food waste explained

Rule number one as a student… do not waste food! But if you have to make sure you dispose of it correctly. Every week the council will collect the food waste from the larger food caddy (if you don’t have one you can order one online here). The other food caddy remains in your kitchen to collect the food waste as you cook! (Handy I know). This includes all your unwanted food, including fruit and vegetable peelings, left-overs, egg shells, tea bags and coffee grounds. Caddy liners and food waste caddies are provided free of charge from the City of Cardiff Council. Order them online, call C2C on 02920 872087 or pick them up at a Council leisure centre or library, or from the Cardiff University Students’ Union reception.

Did you know it only takes 12 recycled tea bags to charge a tablet?

If you’re wondering why exactly the Council want your grotty leftovers, you wouldn’t be the first! I did ponder this myself and was over the moon to discover that they are recycled into energy (electricity ect)!  Find out more here.


Be green and use your green bags!

As students, we are the future and all that jazz! To make sure we have a future at all, recycling is a must. Pick up green bags for free at the Students’ Union and use them to recycle cardboard, glass, paper and plastic. Most containers have a rounded arrow on the back if they can be recycled. Food containers can often be recycled – pour what’s left into the food waste bin and recycle the container itself. Simples.


 Putting out the rubbish

So it’s Tuesday evening and you’re thinking to yourself that you’re forgetting to do something… The bins!! There is a free waste reminder service which will let you know when and which bins to put out, as the general bins are only taken every two weeks.

Don’t get fined for putting the wrong bins out or for being eager and putting them out at the wrong time! Recycling and waste must be put out on the pavement to be collected before 6:00am on the day of collection, or no earlier than 4:30pm the day before. Place bin bags on the bit of pavement closest to your house, not like the photo at the beginning of the blog. That image is one which haunts bin men’s nightmares. That kind of binge binning could also leave you with a hefty fine from the council.


Unwanted goods??

Finally, if you have things lying around your house that you want to throw out – remember that it may be valuable to someone else. You can help all year round with Get it Out for Cardiff, and you’re never far from a charity shop who might want to sell your unwanted clothes or belongings to raise money for a good cause.

For more information and all things rubbish related go to Cardiff DIGS website or the Cardiff council page.


Is there more to the arguments than bins?

If the atmosphere in your student digs is getting you down or disrupting your studies, talking to someone may help you get an outside perspective on the situation. Our services could help you to understand and improve the situation, so please don’t hesitate to contact Student Support. You can email, call 029 2087 4844 or pop into the Student Support Centres at 50 Park Place or Cardigan House, Heath campus.


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Best Wishes,

Kate Coventry, Student Intern.

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