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Are you missing out on a Cardiff University Bursary?

Max from the Advice and Money Team shares important information about the Cardiff University bursary.

These bursaries are available to any undergraduate student who started in September 2017 and is:

  • eligible for UK student funding support and whose household income is assessed as being lower than £42,000; and
  • liable to pay tuition fees of approximately £9,000 (this includes students funded by Student Finance Wales, who began their course in 2017/18 and whose tuition fees were partly subsided by a tuition fee grant).

Students eligible for this bursary will receive £1,000 in their first year and £500 in subsequent years, assuming they continue to meet the criteria. Students starting before 2017 are eligible for bursaries, but the applicable income level varies.

One of the great things about this bursary is that you don’t even need to apply for it. Cardiff University is informed about which students are eligible in the autumn term and payments are processed automatically.


Not everyone who is eligible has got their bursary. There are a few reasons why this might be the case, but the most common ones are:


In a world of data rules and protection, students and parents have to give permission to have their information (including income) shared. You can do this by contacting Student Finance England, Student Finance Wales, Student Finance Northern Ireland or Student Awards Agency for Scotland.

If you’re starting at Cardiff University this September, you will have had the option to share your information with your chosen university. You must have consented to this in order to be eligible for a bursary.

Home Status

You may be a ‘home’ student in funding terms, but it is possible that the university has you recorded as EU or International. If there’s an error, it may go unnoticed.

So – if you think you might be eligible for a bursary in 2017/18 and you haven’t got one, check the criteria here. If you think you’re missing out, email

The deadline for applying for the bursary this year is 20 July 2018, therefore all information and permissions must be in order by this date if you want to access a bursary in 2017/18.


Best wishes,

Max, Advice and Money Team.

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