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Appy Valentines Day – recommended relationship themed downloads

In the spirit of Valentine’s day, Tsvetina from our Counselling, Health and Wellbeing team shares her recommended downloads…

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In the month of love, February, we believe that self-care and relationship appreciation should be a priority. If you have some doubts about the relationship that you are in, have a look at our blog explaining some of the signs of a psychologically abusive relationship. Alternatively, you can get an idea of how a healthy relationship should look like from our blog on relationship goals.


Here’s to helping couples maintain that healthy balance and staying happy in their relationship, get downloading!

Valentine’s Day Special

If you are getting stuck around Valentine’s day in finding the perfect present or date, this app can give you a hand. It offers some romantic texts and poem ideas to surprise your Valentine and it doesn’t stop there. There are movie recommendations, sweet recipes, love horoscope and Valentine’s day ringtones and wallpapers! On the other hand, the app gives some tips for singles as well and presents some of the history behind the day.



Probably one of the best relationship apps out there because of its various features. Couple allows you to send messages, videos and photo filters to your partner. You can also start building up a shared history line where you both embed memories or you can doodle together in real time. Another really interesting feature is the ‘ThumbKiss’ which basically involves your phone vibrating when both of you press your screens at the same spot!

Fix a Fight (£4.99)

We all have those moments when we are mad at our loved one for days and when finally everything settles down, we regret spending that awful amount of time fighting, instead of enjoying our time together. Well Fix a Fight can help these situations with advice from the marital therapist Mark McGonigle whose soothing voice is embedded into the app. The step-by-step process of repairing a rupture allows you to keep track of your feelings and notice your progress within your relationship.


Now on the more practical side of things: an app that can ease your relationship life with a couple of handy features. It acts as shared calendar for you to look up your schedules and arrange dates and it can also create a do-to list for both sides to contribute to. It is a perfect organizer for busy routines that might go in the way of a healthy relationship.

Love Maps (£1.68)

Knowing your partner well is key for connecting with them and often couples engage in exploring their partner’s interests and hobbies only in the beginning of the relationship. This app can help both at the start and throughout your love journey by building a ‘Love Map’ of your partner. It asks questions about your past, current feelings and worries, and likes and dislikes.


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