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4 Steps for keeping active and positive in self-isolation

Careers & Employability Intern Chloe shares her tips to help you stay motivated at this tricky time…

  1. Keep to a routine

In my opinion, the most crucial thing to maintain during isolation is your routine. When everything around us is so disrupted and uncertain having set aims for your day is the first step in keeping on top of your mental and physical health. Knowing what you wish to achieve in your day will keep you feeling productive and successful. However, when you start thinking about these goals make sure you’re realistic and don’t push yourself too far – we are in a global pandemic after all.

For me, I have written out an ideal routine for my day with aims such as being out of bed by 10am and dressed by midday. I am trying to keep my routine similar to that out of isolation, so find the right timing and goals that work best for you. I would recommend writing it down somewhere (perhaps in a quarantine journal) so you have something physical to motivate you.

2. Keep Connected

I’m sure you’ve heard by now of the different apps for group video calling. Personally I use Zoom Conferencing or Facebook Messenger, but there’s plenty out there, so use whatever your family and friends are connected on. Sometimes it’s hard to keep a conversation flowing so below are some themes and ideas to keep things fresh;

  • Host an amateur TED Talk event – have everyone present something of interest to them, this can be satirical or informative, but it gives you a variety of topics to discuss (and means you have a fun little project to work on)
  • Participate in a virtual pub quiz – a creative spin on this is to include a round unique to you friends/family with personalised questions about each other
  • Have a themed virtual party – a fun theme is viral Vines/Tik Toks where you also have to perform the video
  • Online games night – popular card games like Uno and Cards Against Humanity are available for free online, but you can also invest in party games like Jackbox.

3. Stay active

If your social media is much like mine, you may have been bombarded with ‘home workout’ posts. While these are somewhat motivating and informative it’s important to not feel pressured into pushing your body too far; as you definitely don’t want to injure yourself. Much like life outside of lockdown it is always good to aim to do some exercise, so try and take advantage of your one outdoor outing a day and work it into your natural routine. This doesn’t mean you have to do HIIT workouts everyday as everyone’s bodies are different but it’s a good idea to find a goal that works for you. A starting point may be to try the ‘Couch to 5K’ plan or Joe Wicks PE sessions. 

Keeping active is not only a good way to relieve stress but it can also be another way to socialise. Track your friends progress online or get your household involved. Being active doesn’t even have to be dedicated workout sessions, a good alternative is trying out home style sports – maybe a makeshift bowling alley or something as simple as football.

4. Focus on what makes you happy

We’re in a very stressful time right now, so it’s incredibly important to do what makes you happy. I’m writing this in Week 3 of the UK lockdown so you’re likely already aware of what precautious to take and how to socially distance yourself. My advice is to try not to overload yourself with daily news reports and if you are finding yourself anxious, reach out to the resources available to you. This may be mindfulness apps or university / charity wellbeing services. 

These steps will become very unique to what works for you, so I’d love to hear your tips and suggestions with how to keep positive and active during lockdown.

Stay safe everyone,

Chloe x

Chloe Chapman, Second Year Media & Communications

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