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Your 2016/17 wellbeing review

3 August 2017

How are you feeling right now? Ready for a break? Or excited and getting ready for the new academic year? However you are feeling, why not pause for a moment or two to review your wellbeing this year and to think about what might help you feel even better over the next academic year.

Over the PHEW weeks we have been giving people letters to send themselves. This might sound a bit strange, but, in terms of your wellbeing, it is a chance to think about what went well this year and what you might like to happen next year.

You might like to ponder:












If you missed out on sending yourself one of these letters and would like to do so, we have spare copies in 59/60 Park Place and you can visit us to fill one in. Or please email us at  and we can email you a copy. If you’d like to fill it in and return it to us electronically please add an address for postage or you could print it out and sent it to us via the internal mail with an address for postage included, we can then return it to you in the Autumn.

In the meantime, these will be kept confidentially.

Whether or not you want to put it in writing, perhaps think of just one thing you can do next year to help yourself feel at your best.

Wishing everyone a great summer.

Best wishes,

The Staff Wellbeing Team