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Staff Counselling is moving today, from 51 to 49b Park Place!

25 February 2015

Yes, Staff Counselling is moving today and we’re really excited.

A physical move has been on the cards ever since we changed division in August last year, and now it’s finally happening. Our new offices, recently identified, have been completely refurbished and are waiting for us to move in today. In fact, we should be moving in as you read this post.

We will be located in 49b Park Place, in between SPORT and the Student Support Centre (take a look at the photos on this page). We have a suite of three rooms on the second floor, one of which will be our reception, and we also have partial use of a room on the first floor. In addition, there is a ground floor room in 47 Park Place, which we will also have use of.

We are delighted with the rooms, which are spacious (we’re hoping they are large enough to enable us to run small groups), quiet and light.

Open House, 13 March, 13:00-15:00 – pop in to see our new home

If you would like to see our new location, we are hosting an ‘open house’ on 13 March 13:00-15:00, so please come along to say hello and to let us show you around. We will be offering tea and homemade cakes to welcome you.

Packed cardboard boxes and furniture
Front door to 49b Park Place
Front of 49b Park Place, next to the SPORT building


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