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Speak Week: finding your assertive voice

6 February 2017

The Speak Week campaign runs from 6-10 February and aims to raise the profile of the employee voice – your voice – and encourage you to share your views. It’s an opportunity for you to give your thoughts and ideas across a range of topics. If you haven’t already heard about Speak Week, you can find out more on the staff intranet. It’s your chance to get involved.

What I Wanted balanced on a balance board with Their Point of ViewThe Staff  Wellbeing Team will be attending all four Speak Week events, so why not come along and say hello to Cathy and I – we’ll be looking after the wellbeing stand. Speak to us to:

  • Find out about wellbeing support available to you
  • Try one of our stress-dots (find out how stressed you are!)
  • Learn about our STOPP-card and how it can help you respond better to your stressors
  • Give us your feedback on the service you’ve received from Care First, the University’s Employee Assistance Programme provider
  • Tell us what you’d like from our wellbeing service.

To further support the week, here’s a short (3:48) video-clip that discusses ‘being assertive’. Understanding assertiveness and how to be assertive can guide you in using your voice in the most effective way. Remember though that assertiveness is a ‘doing’ activity – practice to develop your skill and build confidence.

The Staff Wellbeing Team