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Boost yours and your colleagues’ wellbeing by attending tomorrow’s Take-Ten wellbeing event

8 March 2017

There’s still time to book onto our Take-Ten event, which takes place tomorrow in the Viriamu Jones Gallery in Main Building, Park Place. Why not talk to your colleagues and suggest that you go together; you’ll be boosting your wellbeing and also encouraging your colleagues to do the same.

You’ll be around all four zones in a little over 40 minutes, so come along, bring a sandwich if you’ll need a nibble, and take a few minutes to boost your wellbeing.

To find out more and to book a place, please follow these links:

• 11:45-12:35, Take-Ten: Session 1

• 12:45-13:35, Take-Ten: Session 2

Take-Ten is a fun and informative wellbeing event –  we’d love to see you there, and would appreciate if you could help raise awareness and encourage colleagues to sign-up and take part.

As part of a group (we’ll have up-to 15 people at each zone, so you can come along with a colleague(s) and enjoy together), you’ll spend ten minutes at each of these four zones, listening to an expert discuss the four topics outlined below. You’ll get lots of useful information and hints and tips on how to incorporate each into your daily routine:

* Food and Mood zone: Annette Dunne, specialist clinical dietician, will pass on the secrets of how food is connected to your mood and how you can take advantage of this.

* Thoughts and Emotions zone: The Wellbeing Team will help you understand how your thoughts are linked to how you feel and how some simple skills can increase your self-awareness, put you more in control and boost your wellbeing.

* Physical zone: Cardiff University Sport will explain how being active can boost your wellbeing and how you can start small – at your desk and in your office – but win big.

* Spiritual zone: Delyth from University Chaplaincy will discuss what spirituality is and how your wellbeing can benefit from it.

This event is perfect if you would like to come along with a colleague or two, or even more; you can all come along and take part together.

Please note that this event is also supporting Diversity Fortnight. Many cogs turning inside an image of a human head