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Alcohol Awareness Week: alcohol and wellbeing?

20 November 2014
World Cloud in the shape of a bottle

Many people believe that alcohol helps them to feel good. Unfortunately, the realities of a hangover, difficulties at home (including in the bedroom) or at work, or a conviction for driving under the influence show that very often this is far from the case.

But plenty of non-alcohol related activities are known to boost how you feel. There is strong evidence to suggest that incorporating the ‘5 ways to wellbeing’ into your everyday life will help you to feel good and function well.

So instead of drinking to relax or wind down after a stressful day, try doing something that includes one or more of the ‘5 ways’. It may not work overnight, but the morning after the night before is likely to be a lot better!

The ‘5 ways to wellbeing’ – with some suggestions to start you thinking, are:

  • Take notice – slow down and really look at what’s around you; appreciate your own and others’ talents and good points.
  • Connect – meet up; join in; phone a friend; listen.
  • Be active – get up and have a go; walk; run; cycle; garden; sing and dance!
  • Keep learning – try something you’ve never done before; start a new hobby; be curious.
  • Give – share what you have; smile at others, volunteer or lend a hand.

Jennifer Prosser

Staff Occupational Health and Wellbeing Advisor