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Prizes awarded at 2013-2014 Celebrating Excellence in SSCs event

The final day of the Celebrating Excellence Event in SSCs showcased the top projects undertaken by third year medical students at Cardiff University.

The standard of presentations was exceptional and all 12 students received a certificate and Amazon gift voucher.

The 2013-2014 winners:

  • The Director’s £100 prize went to Jamie Fisher
  • The Director’s runner up book prize was awarded to Emeka Ezeigwe.
  • The Academic’s £75 prize was awarded to Lewis Powell
  • The Student’s £50 prize was Isaac Meyers.

Well done to all students for showcasing the outstanding work ongoing in Cardiff.


Celebrating Excellent Event fast approaching

CE Event

Next week we are hosting the 1st annual SSC Celebrating Excellence Conference at UHW. Throughout Monday and Tuesday all year 3 medical students will present a poster on their recently completed 8 week SSC project and students from all years are welcome to attend.

1st and 2nd years who are still around are particularly encouraged to come along as it will be a great opportunity to gain inspiration for your own year 3 SSC, when you can design your own project, which includes choosing your tutor and location.

The event is in the Sports and Social Club and will run from 10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm each day.

Year 3 Celebrating Excellence in SSCs

In July 2014, the first Celebrating Excellence Event will be held at the Heath Campus over three days. All year 3 medical students will present a poster of their SSC project on either 14th or 15th July. The top quartile of posters determined by student peer review will receive certificates supporting excellence in SSCs.

The top 15 students will present short 10-minute oral presentations of their projects for academic peer review on 18th July. Three prizes will be awarded based on excellence in SSCs:

  1. £100 Year Director Prize
  2. £75 Student Choice Prize
  3. £50 External Reviewer Prize

GMC guidelines for SSCs

GMC guidelines for SSCs are given in Tomorrow’s Doctors Paragraphs 94-99:

94   The curriculum must allow for student choice for a minimum of 10% course time.

95   SSCs must be an integral part of the curriculum, enabling students to demonstrate mandatory      competences while allowing choice in studying an area of particular interest to them.

96   The purpose of the SSCs is the intellectual development of students through exploring in depth a subject of their choice.

97   SSC learning outcomes must be mapped to outcomes in Tomorrow’s Doctors, and contained within the assessment blueprint for the programme, thus helping to make SSCs transparently relevant and clarify how SSCs contribute to the programme.

98   The assessment of these elements of the curriculum must be integrated into the overall assessment of students.

99   Information on the extent and nature of choice available in each SSC, and details on how they will be assessed and contribute to the overall assessment of students, must be publicly available for prospective and current students.