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SSCs in year 1 C21: 2013/2014

The first intake of medical students on the new C21 MB BCh curriculum began 23rd September 2013. Three weeks are timetabled for the year 1 SSC component and are scheduled for the weeks commencing 10th March 2014, 5th May 2014, and 12th May 2014. There are three main themes:

  1. A literature based SSC e.g. a critical evaluation in a specific field of clinical research,  a reflective piece or a patient leaflet.
  2. Clinical pathophysiology presentation with students working in groups of 12.
  3. Practical research experience within one of the research themes of the school: cancer & genetics; infection & immunity; molecular & experimental medicine; primary care & public health; psychological medicine and clinical neurosciences.

Dr Sheila Dargan will be responsible for delivery of themes one & two and Prof Lesley Jones will coordinate the third theme.