Year 3 SSC in C21

In year 3 the dedicated student SSC is 6 weeks in duration. During this time there are no core commitments so students can devote their attention exclusively to these studies. Study during this SSC period is full-time with compulsory attendance. Broadly there are two types of projects:

  1. ‘Tutor-Proposed Projects’ 

A portfolio of approved tutor proposed projects will be advertised to students in the autumn semester. Students create a list of projects they would like to undertake, ordered by preference. Once students have submitted their choices the Medical School randomise the order of students and allocate students to projects.

  1. ‘Unique Projects’ 

Students are encouraged to arrange their own ‘Unique’ SSC in an area of personal interest. There are two ways in which you can approach a ‘Unique’ project:

  • Approach a specialist who works in the field that you are interested in and work with them to develop a project.
  • Create an outline of the project you would like to undertake and approach an appropriate specialist with a view to supervising you for that project.

To find out more about tutor responsibilities refer to this document: Year 3 SSC – Tutor Responsibilities 2016-2017


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