Year 2 SSC in C21

There are four individual SSC Projects in Year 2, each comprising one-week; these are:

  • Experience Project 1
  • Scientific Correspondance Journalistic Article
  • Year 2/Year 5 Vertical Integration Conference
  • Experience Project 2

The Experience Projects will expose you to a diversity of settings and a wide range of topics. A broad spectrum of opportunities is available in clinical, community and laboratory settings and you will have occasion to develop research skills at a more advanced level.

The Science Correspondent Journalistic Article will involve choosing a scientific paper published after June 2014 in any one of ten recommended and highly reputable journals. You will play the part of the science correspondent for the Daily Mail.

The Year 2/Year 5 C21 Vertical Integration Conference will include plenary sessions with invited keynote speakers covering a range of themes.

Derek Lang is the year 2 SSC lead in C21




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