Year 1 SSC in C21

In year 1, students will spend 3 weeks completing scholarship projects which will include a literature project, pathophysiology / pathology project and a practical research experience:

  1. Literature project (guide 1500 words)
  2. Pathophysiology project
  3. Practical Research Experience

The Literature Project will focus on a scientific topic related to clinical or scientific research and will involve self directed exploration of issues following guidance from your allocated tutor.

The Pathophysiology Project builds on your studies into the incidence and prevalence of different pathologies in cadavers and you will choose a pathological condition to research in more detail.

The Practical Research Experience will include sessions on scientific method and research in medicine. You will also complete practical sessions that will include data collection and handling.

Dr Sheila Dargan is the year 1 SSC coordinator and leads the literature project.


Dr Shiby Stephen leads the pathophysiology project.


Prof Lesley Jones leads the practical research experience.


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