First fortnight as SSC Director

Over the summer, I was appointed to the SSC Director post at Cardiff and it is something I am looking forward to being actively involved in. I believe SSCs are a perfect platform for medical students to look in greater detail at specific aspects of medicine.

I officially started 2 weeks ago and I have spent most of my time understanding the logistics of the current SSC delivery. There are components of SSCs throughout the MB BCh at Cardiff with a main block in year 3 and an elective in year 5. Student feedback reports SSC as a strength in the curriculum and I hope I can work further to build on that in the future.

The C21 modern medical curriculum will start in just over a week and SSCs will change in their delivery and be a part of the curriculum from year 1. There will be a practical research experience delivered before the end of the year and medical students will have an opportunity to engage with PhD students.

The year ahead is set to be an exciting one and I am looking forward to the challenges ahead!


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