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Top 12 year 3 students selected based on Excellence in SSCs

We hosted the first Celebrating Excellence Event in SSCs for year 3 medical students over two days: 14th and 15th July. There were 8 sessions in total and the standard of presentations was excellent. Students demonstrated a great depth of work in a whole range of areas with many important findings that have the potential for publication and changes in clinical practice.

Thank you to all students who engaged fully with this event and all supporting academics and visitors who came to see the work our medical students have completed during their SSC period.

The 12 posters with the highest percentage of votes from their sessions have qualified for the oral presentation session.

Presentation times:

Qualifying students have been ordered randomly and will present in the following order:

Time First Name Surname SSC Title Main Project Speciality
09:30 Amy Butlin Investigating the Aetiology, Clinical Course and Management of Head Injuries in Morriston Hospital: A 6-Month Assessment Emergency Medicine
09:45 Lauren O’Donnell An audit of the care of patients with Motor Neurone Disease in South Wales Neurology
10:00 Isaac Myers Tight Junctions in Cancer Metastasis Academic Surgery and Oncology
10:15 Alice Tainsh Hydroxycarbamide for Sickle Cell Anaemia and Beta Thalassaemia: Producing Patient Information Leaflets Paediatric Haematology
10:30 Alexandra Charnock Investigating the Role of Calcineurin in Induced Pancreatic Acinar Cell Injury Gasteroenterology
10:50 Helen Aoife Iliff Asthma in Adults – an Audit of Asthma management in Adults presenting to the University Hospital of Wales Emergency Department Emergency Medicine
11:05 Ben Stone Foetal tissue donation – importance and sensitive optimisation Obstetrics and Gynaecology
11:20 Jamie F​isher Women’s views on tissue disposal after
first trimester abortion
11:35 Stefan Rietz Multi-Agency and Multiple-Casualty Pre-hospital Simulation: A Case Study Simulation and Resuscitation
11:50 Emeka Ezeigwe Forensic Medicine: Medical Opinion Linked with the Innocence Project Forensic Pathology
12:05 Sophie Kendall Modern Management of Phaeochromocytoma and Paraganglioma: A Case-Based Review Endocrinology
12:20 Lewis Powell Pornographies effects on young individuals may need to be considered from a psychological, psychiatric and neurological point of view. Public Health
The final event will take place in Lecture Theatre 1, Main Building, Heath Park, Cardiff University on the 18th July with 3 prizes awarded to the top students:
  1. Directors prize: £100
  2. Academics prize: £75
  3. Student prize: £50

All are welcome and we look forward to seeing you there for what promises to be an excellent final day.


Celebrating Excellent Event fast approaching

CE Event

Next week we are hosting the 1st annual SSC Celebrating Excellence Conference at UHW. Throughout Monday and Tuesday all year 3 medical students will present a poster on their recently completed 8 week SSC project and students from all years are welcome to attend.

1st and 2nd years who are still around are particularly encouraged to come along as it will be a great opportunity to gain inspiration for your own year 3 SSC, when you can design your own project, which includes choosing your tutor and location.

The event is in the Sports and Social Club and will run from 10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm each day.

Year 3 Celebrating Excellence in SSCs

In July 2014, the first Celebrating Excellence Event will be held at the Heath Campus over three days. All year 3 medical students will present a poster of their SSC project on either 14th or 15th July. The top quartile of posters determined by student peer review will receive certificates supporting excellence in SSCs.

The top 15 students will present short 10-minute oral presentations of their projects for academic peer review on 18th July. Three prizes will be awarded based on excellence in SSCs:

  1. £100 Year Director Prize
  2. £75 Student Choice Prize
  3. £50 External Reviewer Prize