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Funding Advice

Some Funding Guidance in a Busy World…

8 October 2015

Headline Competitions

I know that this is a busy time of year and it is hard to imagine applying for anything. However, there is no better to time to speculate as to the extraordinarily exciting things you might do in future…

I thought I would offer you a smörgåsbord of funding options to whet your appetite for money, power and, most attractive of all, time to undertake research.

Starting with…

The British Academy

What about a…

Mid-career fellowship

This year’s deadline has now passed, but you may not even know of the existence of this competition! It combines research with a public engagement agenda.

Or… (not for everyone, sadly, but a lovely scheme nonetheless)

A Rising Star Engagement Awards

You must be within ten years of obtaining your doctorate.

The deadline for this one is 14th of October, but I am thinking of the future rather than now (as long as it runs again).

You could try a cheeky one, such as…

BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grants

These have a maximum value of 10K over two years, but can be a good starter for ten…


Academic life dragging you down? Administratively overburdened?

Try a Leverhulme Research Fellowship!

These are three to twenty-four month fellowships for up to 50K.

Why stop there? Lets think about something really big…

The major research fellowships are the mothership awards: up to three-years full time on a project of your choice:

Up to half a million from the Leverhulme for a project is also rather nice:

Arts and Humanities Research Council –

As well as the early career and standard main grant competitions, to which you can pitch a vast variety of research projects, there are other options:

What about becoming a ‘Leadership Fellow’ or a ‘Future Leadership Fellow’?

This is combination of lone wolf research and collaborative activities for up to a quarter of a million pounds (full economic cost, which makes your managers happy, lest we forget).

How about a research network to get the ball rolling?

Two years and up to thirty thousand pounds to hang out with your buddies and soon-to-be buddies (so long as you stimulate cutting-edge new ideas, but we do this for nothing on a daily basis)!

This is in no way an exhaustive list. I know the world of funding can seem a pain and something of a forest of competitions and criteria. My goal is for it to feature in everyone’s research planning, not as an added burden, but as a means to an end. This end could be small or large, blue sky or hyper-traditional, socially revolutionary or not. I leave it up to you.

James Hegarty



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